Yesterday we asked who you thought should be John Cena's WrestleMania 33 opponent, and after nearly 200 comments, we got some answers. Let's get to a couple wrestlers that trended throughout your replies.

1) The Undertaker, please! - It was a close race, but it looked like Undertaker just barely won as a lot of you want to see this match happen before Undertaker hangs up his boots.

2) Mixed Match - The rumored match sounded like a great idea, something fun and different for Cena in a year where he doesn't have an obvious opponent.

3) The IC Summit - Cena has never won the Intercontinental title so a lot of votes went towards him facing just Miz or the current champ, Dean Ambrose. Wouldn't mind seeing Cena start up "The IC Open Challenge" on Tuesday nights.

4) Young Bloods - Roman Reigns received a lot of votes for a feud that would honestly be interesting given how split crowd are with these two. Plus, the match could last forever! Also mentioned, Baron Corbin and Samoa Joe (I know, he's not "young," but he's new to the company) as people he could face.

5) Rubber Match - In PPV matches, he's 1-1 against AJ Styles, a final match, with some kind of stipulation was mentioned a few times.

6) Retirement? - A surprising amount of people already calling for Cena's retirement. At 39, it seems like we could see him (at least part-time) for another 5-8 years.

Thanks to everyone who responded, we'll see who WWE decides on soon enough. For now, here are some of the top comments:

Genetic Jackhammer:
"Kevin Federline"

Miles Coltrane:
"The Miz is a good opponent for Cena, but not in a mixed tag match. I really want to see Cena vs. Dean Ambrose. Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler or Cena vs. Baron Corbin are also interesting possibilities."

Francesca S:
"This is going to sound way out there, but what about Shane? It would save us from the rumoured Shane vs AJ. There could be some backstage shenanigans at EC that cost Cena the title. He gets mad and blames Shane for letting it happen. It gives John a chance to behave like a heel without really turning (who hasn't dreamed about beating up their boss at one time or another?). And it frees up Styles. It's pretty clear that Undertaker is in bad shape. He's going to need to be awfully protected during any match and only a very skilled opponent could do it convincingly. No matter who wins - I'm still enough of a mark to want to see 'Taker go out on top - AJ's status would be cemented."

"Not Randy Orton."

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