Yesterday, we asked which show was better this week: Raw or SmackDown? At the time of this writing, with over 600 votes via our Twitter poll, the winner was clear, yet again, with SmackDown grabbing 67 percent of the vote. Here are a couple trending thoughts/questions from your comments:

1) Equal Shows - A lot of the comments gave this week a tie vote with SmackDown coming down to Earth a bit, while Raw steadily improves. Although a lot of response said they were equally boring, too.

2) Comments vs. Poll - While the poll was via Twitter and it had Tuesday night's show winning easily, that wasn't the case in the comments. Many of you said tie and there were plenty of people picking Raw as the better show this week with "bigger star power" as the biggest reason why.

Thanks to everyone who responded, we'll be back next week to see if Raw can snap SmackDown's winning streak. For now, here are some of the top comments:

The Big Dawg Yard
"Both were equals."

I Am Hate
"Raw. Joe vs Roman was better than Cena vs Orton and Zayn vs Y2J is always good."

"Tie. If Rusev Machka, then RAW would have won."

Awoolyssa Petrovna (SC):
"Raw was clearly the better show. Strowman killed 3 guys, 1 ran away, then Samoa Joe beat up Roman Reigns and then Strowman ragdolled him for like 5 straight minutes after the match. SmackDown couldn't beat that if Baron Corbin and Luke Harper took turns kicking John Cena in the head for 10 straight minutes."

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