Source: Miami Herald

MVP spoke with the Miami Herald while he was attending a Brain Buster Pro event. Here are some of the highlights:

Keeping the "MVP" character after leaving WWE:

"I have to give them [WWE] credit, the deal we worked out they allowed me to maintain the ownership of the whole 'MVP' persona. So, we worked out a deal where they could use it, but they acknowledged that it's my intellectual property and I'll always be grateful for that, because they didn't have to do that and I was a young, green guy, I would have gone along with whatever deal, but they took care of me."

Performing at WrestleMania:

"My dream was Wrestle Kingdom for New Japan Pro Wrestling, and I experienced that, but my goal was WrestleMania. People have goals and we have dreams and I was fortune enough that I was able to achieve both...To be on the biggest stage, in the biggest company, on the biggest wrestling show in the world, multiple times, it's unbelievable and I will always be grateful for those opportunities."

What he's currently doing:

"I'm in an awesome sweet spot because I was so fortunate that I had the WWE run that I did, and left, on my terms. I left WWE to go to Japan to realize my dream of wrestling in Japan, and then I left Japan, and had a stint in TNA and I've had enough TV time and I've accomplished enough in the business, that I'm at a point in my career now where I don't have to be contractually obligated to anyone. I have a son now, he's two years old, and I can only work on the weekends."

MVP also discussed returning to South Florida, his wrestling career, and supporting indie wrestling. You can hear the full interview by clicking here.

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