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Recently on Conversation With The Big Guy, independent pro wrestler Ryback Reeves shared his thoughts on WWE Vice President of Talent Relations, Mark Carrano, why he still has a WWE Network subscription, Randy Orton winning this year's Royal Rumble match, and nearly getting into a fight with The Big Show.

During the podcast, Ryback shared an interesting story of Carrano texting him about the weather in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Last time they were here, no joke, when they were at the new T-Mobile Arena, Mark Carrano, this is already after I walked out on them, just so everybody knows, Mark Carrano f--king texts me, asking me about the weather in Las Vegas." Ryback continued, "and, like, there was no communication after that and I was like, 'why the f--k would you [text that] after I walk out of WWE?' And it's funny. And I don't hate Mark and he has a s--tty job, but he's a real douchebag and he knows it."

Ryback said he believes WWE has not terminated his WWE Network subscription because it would make him miss WWE.

"My [WWE] Network will not be [cancelled] I turn it on and I don't watch hardly at all anymore. And I put it on to, like, because I get upset when I watch it. I'm sure Vince [says], 'Goddamnit! Leave his Network subscription on! He'll miss it! He'll come crawling back on his knees.' And I'm going to watch. I have a lot of friends there and I enjoy it. Like, I don't hate anything."

On the subject of the recent Royal Rumble, Ryback acknowledged that he is happy for Orton winning the over-the-top-rope battle royal at this year's event, but went on to say that the result shows that WWE is not interested in creating new stars.

"I enjoyed the parts [of the Royal Rumble] that I saw. And it was Randy. Randy was the winner. A lot of people will complain the WWE with [John] Cena and Randy however many years ago and that just goes back to my thing about WWE wanting to keep the marquee guys [on top]. Like, they don't want to make any new stars kind of and I really believe that to an extent. But, like, I'm happy for Randy. Randy was always good to me as far as our communication and whatnot."

Also on this episode of Conversation With The Big Guy, Ryback recalled almost getting into a fight with The Big Show. As the story goes, 'The Big Guy' was booked in a triple threat match with The Miz and The Big Show at a live event, but they did not go over the match very much beforehand.

"We didn't talk about a lot going into this match with me, Miz, and Big Show. Me and Miz were trying to think of stuff. Big Show was on his bus. And he came in and he said, 'well, what do you guys want to do?' and we didn't have that much time. And it's a live event, so he doesn't want to bump a lot and rightfully so. He's a giant and he's beat up like anybody who has spent a considerable time wrestling. And he hates Miz, so he doesn't want to sell any of Miz's s--t. He likes me though, so me and him are good. But we don't put hardly anything together. I think we put together the finish. It's not like you can just scoop Big Show up for a powerslam when you want. You've got to know the bumps that you're going to do to him beforehand because he's The Big Show. And if he wants to take a bump, he'll let you know the bump. And it's probably going to be a pay-per-view if he's going to do the bump, at least the big one, or TV, and from Vince."

Ryback was underwhelmed by the match and 'The Giant' promised to go over the match in greater detail the following night at another live event.

"I didn't think the match was as good as it should have been because I know the effort that was not put into it. And afterwards, Big Show promised me that we would all get together and kind of get a chicken bone format, get a little bit of a format going into the match. And so the next night, me and Miz, in [ring] gear, we're about 15 minutes before bell time. We're the opening match of a live event. No Big Show. Nobody has seen him all day."

According to Ryback, The Big Show arrived with only five minutes to spare before their match for the second night in a row and the former Skip Sheffield was admittedly "hot".

"Finally, they go knocking on his bus. We thought that maybe something bad had happened and so I wasn't angry up before that point. I was more concerned, like, 'what's going on with Big Show?' And then the producers came in and they go, 'Big Show's fine. He was just sleeping.' And I go, 'f--k!'" Ryback recalled, "so Big Show came walking in with his gear, with about probably five minutes before the match and I was hot and he knew I was hot. And he goes, 'oh, are you f--king hot?' and he got an attitude with me and so I got an attitude back with him."

Apparently, Joey Mercury came in to diffuse the situation and it never came to blows.

"[The Big Show's] fist was all f--king coiled up and ready to go and I was just watching it like a hawk. But we almost came to blows over a live event and laughed afterwards and we went out there and everything was fine. And it wasn't that I don't like him. I have very high goals for everything, and me and him, we've had great matches at live events, me and him."

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