Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of WWE NXT. Tonight's episode features the first ever WWE UK Championship defense between current champion Tyler Bate and his mentor challenger, Trent Seven. Women's division tag action will also be on the card with Liv Morgan and a mystery partner taking on Peyton Royce and Billie Kay.

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- We open up with a video package highlighting the UK Championship and the title defense tonight. We head straight to the ring for tag team action.

Authors of Pain vs. Spears & Anoa'i

Let the squash commence. Anoa'i gets mutilated first. Tag is made and dual slams into the turnbuckles. Another tag and "the last chapter" is read and AOP closes the book on the enhancement talent.

Winners via Pinfall: Authors of Pain

- After the match, AOP uses their Super Collider to make a statement on their unworthy adversaries.

- Vignette for WWE UK Champion, Tyler Bate.

- Injury update on Shinsuke Nakamura. His injury will not require surgery and has returned to in-ring training and preparing for a return.

Billie Kay & Peyton Royce vs. Liv Morgan & Ember Moon

The mutual respect between Morgan and Moon has proven to pay off as they partner together for this one. Nigel puts Moon over as the bell rings and Moon and Kay start us off. Kay with an early take down but Moon blocks a second and executes a leaping head scissors. Moon goes to the corner but Royce lends a hand and sends Moon below the horizon. More double team offense from the Aussies have Moon in an unusual predicament. Suplex from Moon creates space and tags made on both sides. House afire from Morgan capped off by a kip-up. Cover for a two as Kay makes the save. Moon comes in to counter but a big boot from Kay sends Moon to the floor outside. The Aussies hit their double team finish for the win.

Winners via Pinfall: Billie Kay & Peyton Royce

- A look back at last week's happenings between Tye Dillinger and SAnitY. They go backstage to Andrea DiMarco with No Way Jose and Roderick Strong. Strong says he used to by the type of guy that SAnitY has. He says it's Roddy vs. The World, but he doesn't like bullies either. Jose says Dillinger is a well liked and respected guy in the locker room and may be the hottest thing in sports entertainment today, and he will help take out anyone that gets in Dillinger's way.

- #DIY (Gargano and Ciampa) make their way to the ring. They talk about NXT TakeOver where "their dreams came true" and thank the NXT Universe for voting it "match of the year." They then shift their focus to San Antonio where they lost to Authors of Pain. Gargano says he saw doubt in their eyes, which they've never seen before. They say they're ready for a fight and want their rematch for the titles. Paul Ellering comes out and says they can have their rematch in two weeks. They make peace to their loved ones (each other) as The Revival sneak attacks #DIY from behind.

- Vignette for the UK Title challenger, Trent Seven.

- Vignette for the returning Kassius Ohno with some new music.

- Backstage with Mr. William Regal. He says there will be a triple threat next week between Peyton Royce, Ember Moon, and Liv Morgan for the right to face Asuka in two weeks.

Tyler Bate (C) vs. Trent Seven (WWE UK Championship Match)

They get the spot light treatment as the showcase the title from across the pond. They lock up and Bate gets pinned on the ropes. Fairly clean break minus a mustache adjustment. They hit the replay button, but with the roles reversed. The mentor tells his former tag partner and student to try the shoulder block. Third time's the charm but Seven bounces off the ropes and takes down Bate. Running open hand chop in the corner followed by a suplex for a short count. Nice reversal out of an arm submission into a textbook drop kick. Bate gets Seven back in the ring and works over his neck as we head to break.

We're back and Bate has switch focus to the arm. Uppercuts in the corner keeps the advantage for the nineteen year old, but it only seems to fire up the elder statesman. Seven goes for a backslide and it's a test of core strength. Seven eventually gets Bate's shoulders down for a two. Bate blocks another running chop and hits a knee to the midsection. Seven sent outside and British Airways aboard flight seven to Full Sail. Driver out of nowhere for a cover and a near fall from the challenger. Seven Star Lariat blocked and this time the airplane goes in circles for the spin. Short pause and we throw it in reverse. Both dizzy, but Bate recollects himself and hooks for a German Suplex. Seven battles out and hits a snap dragon suplex and follows it up with a power bomb pinning combo for a two. Single leg crab locked in by Seven, Bate doesn't make the ropes, but kicks his way out of the hold. Bop and Bang make an appearance as Bate momentarily KO's Seven. Seven pops up and hits the Seven Star Lariat for a near fall.

Seven heads up top, but takes too long and Bate gets enough of a drop kick to stun him. Bate joins him up top and the jostle for position. Bate hits an Exploder Suplex from the ropes for a long two. Bate looking for his Tyler Driver but Seven says no. Chop leads to a bounce off the ropes from Bate and hits a tumbling back kick. He then sets up for the Tyler Driver 97 and hits it to a "T." One, two, three, and the champ retains.

Winner via Pinfall: Tyler Bate

- After the match, the two have a nice moment of camaraderie and mustache adjustments as we head off the air.

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