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On episode 24 of Conversation With The Big Guy, former WWE Superstar Ryback talked about professional wrestling finishing manuevers. Ryback discussed his debate with The Miz over kicking out of finishes, who has kicked out of his own signature move, Seth Rollins' Curb Stomp being banned in WWE, and more.

According to Ryback, The Miz would tell him to kick out of The Skull-Crushing Finale and he would tell The Miz that he needs to protect his finish. 'The Big Guy' professed that a lack of creativity is the reason why pro wrestlers are not protecting their finishes. 

"Me and Miz used to get into arguments over this because Miz, and I love Miz, and he would just throw… I remember I was working him, he goes, 'kick out of my finish' and I go, 'why?' I go, 'hit me with something else.' Nobody's going to know the difference. And I go, and I said, 'just protect your finisher.' He goes, '[Steve] Austin and The Rock did it all the time back then.' They didn't do it right away. They did it at their big WrestleMania matches. They needed some go-tos in there."

Ryback claimed that only The Big Show has kicked out of Shell Shocked and that the decision came from Vince McMahon directly while Ryback was being "punished".  

"Only one guy [has] kicked out of my finisher. That was Big Show on RAW. I believe it was Nashville [Tennessee] and no one [else] ever has. Yeah. And I believe you shouldn't let anybody. Save it for very, very special moments. And it was directed to me that Vince, during my heel run, and I was wrestling Big Show, and Vince, this is during my punishment period when I was really getting punished. Vince always laughed at everyone, '[scoff], I don't punish people!' Well, you sure as f--k have a really weird way of not showing that. And it was directed to me that Big Show needed to kick out of my finish and I go, 'well, nobody [has] kicked out of my finish - I don't want that to happen.' And they go, 'well, it was from Vince.' And I go, 'whatever.' I was just so fed up. And it was Big Show and I like Big Show and he was being built up to put over Randy when Randy had both of the championships and that was the only time."

Ryback divulged that McMahon sent around a memo instructing talent to not kick out of finishes, but the prohibition did not last long.

"I know Vince at one point sent out a memo of 'no more kicking out of each other's finishers.' This was after WrestleMania last year, maybe. And it lasted for maybe two pay-per-views and it started all over again. I don't know if he forgets or what."

Also, Ryback shared that McMahon "loves" bearhugs and he often instructs talent to grab a bearhug during their matches.

"Vince loves bearhugs, by the way. Yeah, and anytime you see a bearhug on TV it is usually per Vince, 'get him in a bearhug.' I swear, there were different points where I was told to throw a bearhug in there as a heel."

In Ryback's view, The RKO is the most over move in pro wrestling today. Moreover, 'Big Hungry' averred that far fewer people have kicked from The RKO than The AA.  

"I think The RKO. How many guys have you seen [kick from The RKO]? By the way, compare Cena to Orton. Cena letting guys kick out of The Attitude Adjustment. Orton, very few guys have kicked out of The RKO in comparison to The Attitude Adjustment. And I think the move is the most over move in wrestling today." Ryback said, "eventually, Cena is going to have to drop a guy from a helicopter with his Attitude Adjustment to get the win. Like, I just feel like it's a lack of creativity. And I think that that's the one thing in wrestling. And you save it."

Ryback disagrees with The Curb Stomp being banned in WWE because of how easy it is to imitate, as every pro wrestling move is supposed to inflict damage on the opponent.

"Every move in [professional] wrestling is to try to harm your opponent. Every move, the psychology is to knock out your opponent. You can say the knockout punch is a punch to the face. Like, I don't get how The Curb Stomp [was singled out]. Every move, The RKO is a move driving your face to the mat."

Ryback continued, "that's the p---y society we live in today. They adhere to it because of that? f--k, that's… I feel bad for Seth on that because that was a great finishing move."

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