Last week, we took at look at the 10 best NXT entrance themes. Overall, the themes in NXT are pretty solid, so instead of nitpicking through their worst ones, let's turn our focus to the worst of what the main roster has to offer. While entrance music can be instrumental in the foundation of a successful wrestling career, it can also be something that really detracts from a wrestler's presence.

Musical choices is about as subjective as it gets, so for criteria I will consider the initial sound used, the first minute or so (basically what it takes for the wrestler to get to the ring), and how well the theme fits with the wrestler. For this list, I will be sticking to only wrestlers who are currently on Raw. I'm also going to exclude the Cruiserweights, as I'll compile a full ranking of the 205 Live roster in the near future.

#10) Nia Jax

The song itself is actually pretty solid, I think it could be a nice fit for someone other than Nia Jax though because while the sentiment of "Not like most girls" works fine, the vibe of the song is completely off. Nia is supposed to be the monster of the division and this song doesn't really convey that feeling with its more upbeat kick and somewhat goofy lyrics. It reminds me of when Samoa Joe first came to NXT and had that strange theme that initially sounded fine, but then it went into some Funkasaurus-like beat. I could see people disagreeing with this pick, but it terms of connecting with the wrestler, this one doesn't do a great job.

#9) Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

"Hey man, we came to conquer and divide, in the quicksand, you'll sink if you do not comply. We are the omen in the sky!" How that connects to these two, I have no idea. Maybe if these guys were high-flyers it could work, but no, they aren't. Poor connection aside, the singing in this is really rough, if a wrestler has lyrics throughout their song, they should at least be performed well.

#8) Cesaro

Anyone else have those sirens in their nightmares? Honestly, that annoying initial sound to Cesaro's theme landed him on this list, and it doesn't stop, they come back throughout the song. Plus, how does that even fit his current cool, smooth, James Bond vibe? Anyways, the song itself is a pretty generic Rock song that just needs to be updated, whenever Sheamus and Cesaro break-up that would be a perfect time to update Cesaro's music.

#7) Dana Brooke

Last week, I mentioned how a lot of the women have some themes with awful lyrics; either due to the actual words or just being poorly sung. Both would be the case for Dana Brooke's theme (especially the singing) which has an unspectacular hard Rock sound with nothing really unique to it. Not sure how it really connects to Dana's gimmick either. Actually, I wouldn't mind Nia Jax's theme paired up with Dana.

#6) R-Truth

I had to search outside of WWE's "WWEMusic" YouTube channel, because his theme on there doesn't include the rapping, which really is the real essence of what makes this theme tough to get through. On the plus side, it does get the crowd involved with the "What's Up!" line, but everything else sounds like mumbling nothing on TV. "You can get with this, or you can get with that! You better get with this, cuz this is where it's at!" No, I don't want anything, just wrestle.

#5) Titus O'Neil

The whistle works, Titus was a football player, it lets fans know who's coming, I'm fine with that. For some reason they left in the "Millions of dollars" phrase that he and Darren Young did before they broke up. I checked more recent videos too and it's still in there, big negative for me. After that comes the repetitive "Makin' Moves" with some boring Hip-Hop beat in the background. If anything, this theme is too "young" sounding for Titus who is a 39-year old man, who tends to be more awkward (like an embarrassing Dad) whenever he's on-screen.

#4) Summer Rae

Even though she's with Raw, Summer hasn't been on TV in forever, so we haven't had to hear this song in awhile, which is probably a good thing. This corny song could be put into some 90s teen movie with a full on montage of people doing a bunch of nothing. Hopefully, whenever Summer Rae returns, she gets something new, because this song with the lyrics "Call Timmy! Call Timmy!" (actually it's "Come to me") is just not working at all.

#3) Darren Young

I have nothing against Bob Backlund, I saw him once at a St. Patrick's Day Parade and as cool as that was, I decided not to get a picture because he looked quite insane, stomping down the middle of the road. Personal stories aside, no entrance theme should start with him yelling at the top of his lungs, it's off-putting. The music itself might lull you to sleep too, because it sure isn't getting anyone out of their seats. Oh, here comes Bob again, yes, they added in his voice a number of times throughout the theme. Hard pass on this one.

#2) Alicia Fox

I don't feel like a lot needs to be said about this song, good luck getting through one full minute of it. It doesn't really connect to Alicia Fox (I'm not saying it like Noam) these days and it would have easily taken the number one spot, but the Queen should always be first...

#1) Stephanie McMahon

Technically, this is cheating since Stephanie doesn't wrestle a whole lot these days, but come on, we couldn't leave this one out. The song talks about being a Queen and all that, so fine, it fits Stephanie's gimmick, but that's where the positives stop. The beat is atrocious, the singing/rapping is even worse, I can't even bring myself to listen to the entire song for this critique! Probably what annoys me the most is when she comes out and shimmy dances as she heads to the ring, cringe-worthy. Okay, turn it off, please, no more!

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