- Above, Ric Flair came out of the crowd to talk on ESPN's First Take. He discussed sports, his favorite boxer, and was asked "Who would win between you and Hulk Hogan, in your primes?" Flair snapped his fingers, pointed to himself and said, "Right here."

- ESPN put out their latest WWE Power Rankings, which you can see by clicking here. The top five Superstars are: Kevin Owens (1), AJ Styles (2), Chris Jericho (3), Bray Wyatt (4), and Randy Orton (5).

- ESPN spoke with Mojo Rawley (you can read the full interview by clicking here) on his connection with New England Patriots player, Rob Gronkowski, and Gronk's entire family. Mojo was asked about Rob eventually working with WWE, here was his response.

"Rob has been a fan of the WWE for a long time. Trust me, we've been talking about this for years and whenever the time is right and whenever the stars are aligned, I can tell you he will be raring to get over here. He's fired up doing something with me here at WWE, and I can't wait to have him. We've been dreaming about it for years"

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