Source: The Tomorrow Show

Sean Waltman appeared on The Tomorrow Show to discuss a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Goldberg's original name:

"Goldberg first started, he come up to Scott...But he ran this idea by us about a name for himself, and he's like, 'what do you think of The Hybrid? I want to call myself The Hybrid.' And we're like, 'ehhh, The Hybrid, it's kinda, eh, you know.' And he's like, 'why don't you just use your name?' And he goes, 'my name's Goldberg, that's not cool.' And he goes, 'it is cool if you make it cool. If you're cool, Goldberg's cool.' Sure enough."

Kendall Jenner wearing nWo Wolfpack:

"It doesn't suck...maybe she just digs the shirt, who knows? I don't care...I'd rather she dug us but either way."

Sean also discussed Nicole Bass' passing and how Chyna wasn't a fan when they both were in WWE. You can hear the full show by clicking here.

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