Yesterday, we asked if Mick Foley was forced to step down from his General Manager position, who could replace him? Let's take a look at some of the top choices:

1) The Olympic GM - I wouldn't say Angle ran away with the votes, but it was clear you thought he would make for a solid GM. Not only could he be the good to Stephanie's bad, but he could actually get into the ring from time to time when the storyline called for it.

2) Forget Foley, lose Stephanie - There were two camps when it came to Stephanie, the first being, it doesn't matter who is brought in, because she's still there to ruin things. The second was to get rid of her and keep Foley around. Between Stephanie hurting segments and constantly switching between good and evil, maybe we should be talking a change in Commissioner?

3) Runner-ups - The second tier of choices were Sting (again, someone who could place the good guy) and Paul Heyman (obviously, he's great on the mic).

4) Forget people - Bring in the laptop and the anonymous GM!

5) Nobody - A number of people thought we didn't need a GM at all. It's an overused story that the show could probably lose all together for the near future.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

"Kurt Angle is the obvious choice."

The Wrestling Fan:
"Nobody does better than Anonymous GM Laptop."

Adorable Mr. Fox:
"Why does Raw even need a GM?"

"Replacing Stephanie first off...then there's any number of people who could make good GMs."

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