Rosey On If WWE Should Turn Roman Reigns Heel, WWE Dropping The Ball With 3 Minute Warning, More

Wrestling Inc. correspondent Scott H recently conducted a Q&A with former WWE World Tag Team Champion Matthew "Matt" Anoa'i, a.k.a. Rosey. Below are some highlights:

Memories of working with the Hurricane:

"I loved working with Hurricane. He is an awesome person and a great worker, very talented."

Memories of the 3 Minute Warning Gimmick:

"Well of course, the memories with 3 Minute Warning was... me and Eki (Umaga) were a great team. I just feel bad [that] WWE dropped the ball. They said to us that they saw a long run. We were in there at the time with the Dudleys, Christian and Edge, Jeff and Matt Hardy, all doing their thing."

His favorite opponent:

"Triple H or Kane, both are very talented."

If there was more mileage left in the Rosey gimmick:

"Well, there's always more mileage in any gimmick. It was just time for me and WWE to part ways. No harm done or none intended from either side."

His ideal opponent on the current WWE roster:

"Of course I'm going to say my brother, he's the top dog, Roman [Reigns]."

If Roman Reigns should be a heel or continue in his current role:

"Me personally, I'd love to see him be a heel, but that's just me."

If you were to have one more moment at WrestleMania, who would it be with and what would it be?

"I would love a match or a moment with Bayley [laughs]."

Rosey will be appearing live in full costume at WrestleCon in Orlando during WrestleMania week. For more information or to get tickets, please visit


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