Welcome to the WrestlingINC.com Live Viewing Party for WWE NXT. Tonight's episode will feature a triple threat match to name a new #1 Contender to Asuka's NXT Women's Championship. Participants include Ember Moon, Peyton Royce, and Liv Morgan.

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- We open with a graphic for the passing of George "The Animal" Steele followed by a quick video of tonight's women's triple threat.

- The announce team welcomes us to the show and they hype tonight's card including Pete Dunne vs. Mark Andrews and Bobby Roode vs. No Way Jose. We kick off the in-ring action with the women's number one contender match.

Ember Moon vs. Liv Morgan vs. Peyton Royce (#1 Contender Match)

For the first time in a while, all these competitors feel established and get a solid response from the Full Sail crowd. Peyton goes for Moon right off the bat, but Morgan fights her off. Morgan sends Royce into Moon and out she goes. Morgan and Royce with a quick series of reversals and pin attempts before Royce is sent outside. Moon returns and goes flying. Billie Kay with the assist having Royce avoid the aerial assault. Royce sends Moon into the steel steps. We head to break as they regroup.

We're back and Royce's long legs have the advantage. Quick cover for a two. Roll-up by Morgan for a near fall. Royce ties up Morgan in the ropes and ties in a submission. Moon tries to re-enter but Royce sends her back. Another rope-based submission from Royce to Morgan. Another blocked re-entry from Royce to Moon. Out of desperation, Morgan hits a head scissors out of the corner for a long one count. Morgan tries to fight back with a series of punches but Royce's length advantage is too much. Morgan with a drop toe hold sending Royce into the turnbuckle. Bulldog from Morgan. Pin attempt but Moon breaks it up. Tilt-a-whirl head scissors from Morgan sends Moon back outside. Morgan heads up top, but Royce stops the attack. Superplex attempt gets blocked initially. Moon sneaks in the equation and a sunset superplex is executed with all three ladies going down.

Moon heads up top for her stunner but Billie Kay interjects. Moon decides to eclipse Kay instead, which allows Morgan to send Moon back outside. Royce takes advantage with a Fishermen's Suplex into a bridging pin for the win. She'll face NXT Women's Champion Asuka in the near future.

Winner via Pinfall: Peyton Royce

- Video package highlighting WWE UK talents Pete Dunne and Mark Andrews. Their match is up next.

- Vignette for the returning Kassius Ohno.

- Quick update on the health of Shinsuke Nakamura, who has returned to training at the WWE Performance Center.

Pete Dunne vs. Mark Andrews

Big reaction for both guys. Bruiserweight torturing Andrews early with a bit of joint manipulation. Andrews nips up and reverses out and follows it up with a pair of arm drags. Dunne recaptures momentum and wrenches on the hands once again. Dunne sent outside and Andrews hits a moonsault from the apron, gets caught, but turns it into a head scissors sending Dunne to the stairs. Back in the ring, Dunne slows the pace once again and stretches Andrews' limbs in ways they probably shouldn't go. Rear chin lock gets set in deep, but transitions to a stomp of the fingers to add insult to injury. Quick reversal from Andrews and hits a drop kick that sends Dunne outside. Andrews goes to the well one too many times as he tries the moonsault, lands on his feet, but gets sent into the apron by Dunne. Dunne traps Andrews' hand in the stairs and stomps on it. He tosses the smaller Andrews into the corner of the apron/LED board and boasts as we go to break.

Back from break and Dunne still enjoying playing twister with Andrews. The underdog creates some space with a big stomp. Leads into a rana and follows it up with a running shooting star. Andrews goes up top but Dunne plays possum and sends him down. Andrews ducks a clothesline, goes for a springboard cross body, but met with a big right hand. Dunne goes for the "bitter end" but gets blocked. Whip reversal allows Andrews to hit a reverse rana and both men struggle to their feet. Snap German off the ropes from Dunne sends Andrews flying. Another head scissors into a pin for a long two for Andrews. Crowd shows their appreciation for the hard work. Dunne grabs the worked over hand and arm, but Andrews reverses into a pin for a near fall. Slumdog Millionaire from Andrews and heads up top for his finish. Dunne gets the knees up and hits "bitter end" to end a good match.

Winner via Pinfall: Pete Dunne

- Backstage with Peyton Royce and Billie Kay as they celebrate Royce's win. She says she should already be the champion if it wasn't for "Crazy" Nikki Cross. She says she'll be champion after her match with Asuka next week.

- Vignette for Patrick Clark. He's in action next week. They plug the women's title match and a tag title rematch between DIY and Authors of Pain.

- Interviewer catches up with Tye Dillinger earlier in the week and talk about SAnitY. They talk about the numbers game disadvantage, but Dillinger says Strong and Jose showing up evened the odds. He says although SAnitY has an agenda, so does he, and it doesn't involve SAnitY.

No Way Jose vs. Bobby Roode

Two of the most over entrances in NXT don't disappoint as conga lines and choruses break out at Full Sail. Roode takes his time with his prep. Roode seems to take Jose a bit lightly and wins the initial standoff. Jose refocuses and they lock up again. Roode wrenches the arm, but Jose dances the pressure away. Jose with a couple chops, gets sent to the corner, and hits a drop toe hold to return the favor. Jose blocks a kick and lands a couple left jabs. The hay maker misses and Roode catches him with a big spine buster as we head to break.

We're back and Roode still in control. Heads to the second rope and hits a forearm to the back of Jose. He wraps Jose in the ropes and rakes the eyes. Crowd tries to get Jose back into it but Roode stops the rally. Suplex from Roode and a two count. Strong rear chin lock on Jose but he salsas his way to safety. TKO blocked as Roode sends him to the ropes. Roode goes for the attack but runs into the elbow of Jose. Roode says no way, goes for the DDT, but Jose hits a hammer lock slam for a near fall. Jose winds up for the pitch and misses just outside. He runs to get Roode in the corner but slapped with a boot. Roode heads off the rope and Jose throws the fastball right into Roode's face. Jose rolls Roode back into the ring, but the champ plays possum and grabs Jose for the Glorious DDT and the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Bobby Roode

- After the match, Roode makes it halfway down the ramp and has an idea. He heads back to the ring and takes out Jose's knee. He locks in the half crab on Jose and out comes Kassius Ohno. Roode heads for the hills as Ohno gets a hero's welcome. Roode's reaction is priceless. Roode asks who the heck does Kassius Ohno thinks he is. Ohno says the crowd knows who he is and Bobby knows. Ohno says he's been in NXT before, and says he's always taken what he's wanted throughout his travels around the world. He says Roode has what he needs. Roode fake cries and takes a shot at Ohno's name. Roode says he's a fighting champion and we don't have to wait and teases an impromptu championship match and even calls out a ref. As Ohno takes his jacket off, Roode takes out his knee as well. He works it over but Ohno fights back and cleans house. He leaves the champ laying as we head off the air.

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