Source: GOProWrestling YouTube Channel

I recently interviewed Brickhouse Brown, a former wrestling star throughout the Memphis and Texas Wrestling territories in the 1980s and early 1990s. You can listen to the full interview in the video above. Below are some of the highlights:

His real life hatred towards Jerry "The King" Lawler:

"Jerry Lawler is my biggest nemesis. Not only was he my nemesis in wrestling working angles and programs but in real life, and a shoot, he is still my enemy even to this day! Right now there are certain bookings that I can't be on because he has notified promoters that if you book Brickhouse, I am not going to show up."

Problems with promoters:

"Jerry Lawler told promoters that I was hard to do business with. [They] put the belt on [me] and [I] left. Which is true. I left with the Continental belt. I sent the belt back C.O.D. because they owed me money. He (Lawler) always made it a point to say I didn't want to work Jeff Jarrett that night, but not that they owed me $300.00"

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