Yesterday, we asked which show was better this week: Raw or SmackDown? Let's see who won and check out a couple trending thoughts from your comments:

1) Not. Even. Close. - There are some weeks, where even though SmackDown had the superior performance, Raw will get a vote here or there for various reasons. Not this week! I don't recall one serious vote for Monday's show and you guys clearly explained from all angles how SmackDown was the better brand.

2) "Purpose and Structure" - That was in one of the comments about why SmackDown has been so successful. With their logical booking, things don't just happen, and usually there is an end goal in sight. Yes, three hours is a long time, but if Raw could implement those two things more regularly, the gap would not be as wide. Also, I saw many of you pointing out how SmackDown has the better talkers and characters, which makes getting invested into the stories so much easier. If wrestlers are out there just grinding through their lines and not actually emoting enough feeling, how are we supposed to connect? Right now, SmackDown has more talent, pulling in more fans, more often.

Thanks to everyone who responded, we'll be back next week to see if Raw can snap SmackDown's winning streak. For now, here are some of the top comments:

Carlos DeLeon:
"RAW is an hour and ten minutes too long. They don't fill up that show well enough week after week including their brand exclusive ppv. SmackDown is just two hours long, just long enough to squeeze everything in and leaving you looking forward to either Talking Smack or next week's show."

WWE McDonald's Champion:
"There is more purpose and structure on SmackDown. When SmackDown ended, I felt wanting more. I could easily watch a three hour SmackDown."

The Truth:
"Raw was terrible.
SmackDown was great.
(And this isn't because SmackDown is 2 hours long.)"

"Smackdown was amazing this week. They only had one dud segment, the chairs match. That segment should have gone to the tag division. I love how Smackdown is intertwining different angles, and how for the most part, every angle has a purpose. That is the complete opposite of Raw, which was incredibly boring this week."

The Zlatan™:
"Is this even debatable?

Miz & Cena were both great on the mic.
AJ vs Harper was better than I expected.
Alexa Bliss is just Alexa Bliss.
Bray & Randy closing the show was freaking awesome. Bray actually made you actually feel bad for him. Great work by him yet again. Storyline after storyline.

Smackdown > RAW"

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