Welcome to the WrestlingINC.com live viewing party for WWE NXT. Tonight's episode features a Women's Championship match between Asuka and Peyton Royce and a Tag Team Championship match pitting Authors of Pain against DIY.

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- We're back at Full Sail University as the announce team welcomes us to the show and hypes tonight's card along with an appearance from the returning Kassius Ohno. Let's head to the ring for our first match.

Patrick Clark vs. Sean Maluta

Never thought I'd see Clark with this type of gimmick, but whatever gets you TV time I suppose. The former CWC competitor Maluta gets a nice response. Clark refuses a handshake and poses instead. Maluta with a nice spin kick. He sends Clark to the corner, picks him up and sends him flying. Nice Shining Wizard from Maluta gets a two. Clark flamboyantly gets in some offense including a nice toss and a bevy of kicks. Suplex from Clark and goes straight into a submission. Held on for a short time as Maluta fights back. Clark hits a modified Famouser for the win out of nowhere.

Winner via Pinfall: Patrick Clark

- Eric Young and SAnitY shown outside next to a fire barrel. Young talks about Dillinger having sealed his fate and Dillinger being a disease that needs to be eradicated. Young says it needs to be him and Dillinger one-on-one.

Asuka (c) vs. Peyton Royce (NXT Women's Championship)

They get the spotlight treatment for the title match. Nice response for both ladies and Royce looks unusually focused. Royce able to stave off a couple early attacks and they have a standoff with the crowd's appreciation. Shots handed out from each lady along with kicks swinging and missing. Asuka hits some of her rear offense and knocks Royce to the outside. The Aussie goads the champ into coming near the ring post and pull her arm through to hit the shoulder on the steel. She quickly puts her back in the ring for the one count.

After a short break, Royce still with the upper hand. Wrist lock flip and continuing to work the arm and shoulder of the champ. Royce with a standing arm bar with some joint manipulation thrown in for good measure. Royce elects to go the disrespectful route with a couple slaps to the face, which may not have been the best decision she's made today. Another spin kick misses from Royce only to get caught with one of Asuka's. Viciously quick strikes from the champ gets a near fall. Royce with a jaw breaker to create space and she goes back on the attack. Bridging suplex blocked, but spin kick hits the mark for a two. Kick out of nowhere from Asuka stuns the challenger and she immediately takes her down and cinches in the Asuka Lock. After a quick fight, Royce has to tap after a nice effort.

Winner via Submission: Asuka

- After the match, Billie Kay comes to the aid of her partner and takes out the victorious retaining champ. Ember Moon comes out for the save and cleans house with her electric offense. Asuka gets up, grabs her title, and stares down Ember Moon.

- We take a look back at NXT TakeOver San Antonio last month where Shinsuke Nakamura injured his knee and the returning Kassius Ohno was there to console him. We then take a look at Ohno's official TV return last week coming to the aid of No Way Jose against Bobby Roode. As Ohno turned his back, Roode took out the knee of Ohno. Kassius fought back much to the crowd's delight and throws a shoe, that's correct, a shoe, at Roode and sends him scurrying.

- Mr. William Regal makes an announcement that Bobby Roode will defend his WWE NXT Championship in two weeks against Kassius Ohno at UCF.

- Quick backstage snippet with Paul Ellering firing up his behemoths ahead of their tag title defense, which is up next.

- Video package for WWE UK Tournament semi-finalist, Wolfgang. He appears to be heading to NXT in the near future.

- Another update on the injured Nakamura. He will return to action next week on NXT.

Authors of Pain (c) vs. #DIY (NXT Tag Team Championship)

Ciampa not backing down to AOP's attack. Ciampa slips through an attack, makes the tag, and they deliver a double spear through the ropes to Razar. Akam comes in but is sent over the top rope himself. Ciamp flies to the outside and gets caught. He's sent right into the steel ring post, rolled in, covered, but kicks out. Ciampa still getting worked over and can't make the tag. Clubbing blows from the champs. Ciampa tries to make it to Gargano, but gets caught into a sidewalk slam. Quick tags and clinic-like tandem work from the champs. Ciampa desperate using all sorts of strikes and slaps to gain some leverage, but no dice. He's still down as we head to break.

Jaw breaker from Ciampa creates space and he's able to make the tag. Gargano using the quickness advantage pulling some okey dokes to the big men along with some fiery offense. Jumping Slingshot DDT from Johnny Wrestling gets a near fall. They go for a version of their finish in the corner, AOP ducks, but they meet him in the next corner. Huge clothesline from the legal Ciampa and follows it up with a Fujiwara Armbar. It gets broken up before AOP can tap. Razar heads up top but Ciampa blocks a suplex. He steps down and tries to power slam Razar. No luck by himself, but Gargano helps his partner with the completion and a near fall. They set up their finish, but Akam trips up and takes out Ciampa. Power slam to Gargano in the ring. Everyone back in the squared circle. AOP goes for their colliding finish, but the challengers slip out and lock in double submissions. As the titles look to nearly change hands, The Revival come out and attack #DIY to cause the DQ. AOP don't take lightly to having their match interrupted and get laid out for the moment. Eventually Revival hits a Shatter Machine on AOP and they head up the ramp celebrating as we head off the air.

Winners via DQ: #DIY

However, Authors of Pain are STILL your NXT Tag Team Champions.

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