- Enzo Amore shows off his hater-proof dance moves in this new slow-motion video from WWE.

- Natalya's latest column for The Calgary Sun is now online at this link. This column features Natalya's letter of advice to her younger self. Here's part of what the third-generation Superstar wrote:

"Life, like a great wrestling match, is filled with ups and downs and highs and lows. It has its clotheslines and dropkicks, but it's all about kicking out before the three-count. Yes, you can be beaten, but never, ever allow yourself to be "broken."

In life, just as in WWE, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Sometimes an entire arena is on its collective feet cheering you on, feeding you strength ... and other times you're beaten so badly that you wonder how much more you can take. The next day, you do it all over again. Why? Because it's who you are.

I'm proud of you because you'll keep going. You won't quit. I know it. And you'll get stronger because of all of those 'important' hardships. The brick walls you'll face along the way are there for a reason. They'll create a toughness and a resilience within you that you'll need in order to thrive."

- We noted earlier how Cesaro tweeted thanks to his former tag team partner Jack Swagger, who is on his way out of WWE. Rusev is the latest WWE Superstar to comment on Swagger, seen below:

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