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WWE Superstar The Miz was recently interviewed by Planeta Wrestling to discuss his favorite matches of his to watch on the WWE Network, SmackDown Live being better than RAW, his thoughts on the Oscar mishap, and more. Here are the highlights:

How he feels about SmackDown Live being better than RAW and being a major component of the blue brand:

"I feel people are correct when people say SmackDown Live is the better show, because it is. We as a collective group - I feel like SmackDown Live or SmackDown blue side has always been known as the second show, it's not the baby. I feel like RAW has always been the coveted one. With the talent WWE brought over to SmackDown Live, everyone looked at that and said you know what? We're gonna make that this show the most talked about, must see, that people want to see what will happen next, we're gonna have water cooler talk, and that's exactly what we set out to do. And that's exactly what we've done. People have stepped up like myself, you look at guys like Baron Corbin who was a blimp on the radar screen when he came go SmackDown Live. Now he's someone to be reckoned with. A main event calibre type of talent. You look at Dolph Ziggler and I had that entire program for what felt like forever, stepping up to the plate and giving us opportunities. And whenever you give opportunities we'll knock a home run with it, and I think that's exactly what all the Superstars are doing on SmackDown Live. Look at the year AJ Styles has had. He's been here for one year. One year. It feels like he's been here forever but he's been here for one year and he's already been the WWE Champion, has main evented countless pay-per-views (PPVs), and has been doing a spectacular job."

What his favorite match of his on the WWE Network is:

"All my memorable matches? The one I can't remember, the one at Wrestlemania 27. I also like any other match I did with Dolph for the Intercontinental Championship was something special for me, because I was making that title what I wanted it to be. Prestigious, relevant, the matches are captivating, the story is there. It's just one of those situations that it was so much fun to do."

His thoughts on the mix-up during the Best Picture Of The Year announcement at the Oscars:

"It was a shame what happened, watching La La Land walk up there and to accept an award, then to just be told -- and the worst part was not that they just got called up there to accept the award. They started doing their speeches, and they were so excited, and you could see when everyone told them that Moonlight won, you could see -- they were so nice, and so courteous to say 'No, Moonlight won. Bring Moonlight up here.' It was sad but it was also dramatic, it was definitely an ending that people are going to talk about and remember all the time in Oscars. There is a lot of conspiracy theories that it was done to do on purpose to get people to talk about it. I don't think anyone would be that cruel. Congratulations to Moonlight, I have not seen the movie but winning the Oscar must mean that it is a movie to be watched, and I will definitely be watching it very shortly."

Where he finds inspirations for his promos and how he works on them:

"I reach inside and I just let them rip. Sometimes when I'm cutting a promo I don't even know what I'm saying. My mouth just keeps moving to be honest with you. Half the time I'll be cutting a promo, then I just go to my wife and I'm like 'What did I just say?' She'll explain to me what I say. Sometimes my mind turns blank and I'll just keep going. It just comes off of - I don't even know how to explain it. But I've been cutting promos for so long that now you just try to look for the feeling. What feels real to you? What motivates you? What do you want out of this? Those are the things I ask myself. What do you want? And right now my want is to be the most decorated, the most looked at, the most sought after, the most must see Superstar that WWE has."

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