Source: Conversation With The Big Guy

On episode 26 of Conversation With The Big Guy, independent professional wrestler and podcaster, Ryback talked about Vince McMahon convincing him to change his ring gear, the contents of McMahon's suitcase, and John Cena stripping in a bowling alley.

Apparently McMahon wanted Ryback to wear trunks instead of a singlet to show off 'The Big Guy''s massive legs.

"He wanted me out of the singlet and [said], 'Goddamnit, I want you in trunks!' And 'show off those meaty legs!' Oh, he loves a good pair of legs. It f--king didn't help me at all because of f--king attorneys and sticking up for myself because they were assholes first, but lesson learned: don't stick up for yourself, guys. I'm kidding. Yeah, hell of a pair of legs."

Ryback mentioned that McMahon's suitcase is filled with nothing but pills.  

"His suitcase that he carries around, his little luggage bag, is just filled with pills, like supplements. Yeah, I thought they were important documents in there and s--t, and maybe sometimes he throws, like, something important in there, but it's his bag of pills. And I was just like… but he probably has them in a $10,000 Louis Vuitton bag or something or something specially 'V.K.M.' custom, leather made for him."

According to Ryback, Cena who is known for being able to hold his liquor, once stripped at a bowling alley because he got too drunk. As the story goes, a group of WWE Superstars were doing appearances for the troops in Virginia and the fans got to watch the pro wrestling stars bowl.

"It was me, John Cena, R-Truth, and Santino Marella, so there were hundreds of people there. Well, this bowling alley had a bar and bowling lanes. We're up all day working, doing appearances all day, and it was great meeting all the troops and going on the different ships and seeing all the different cool things."

Ryback continued, "the fans got to watch us do a two-on-two bowling game. I don't think I ever told [podcast co-host Pat Buck] this. And I think it was me and R-Truth versus Santino and Cena, I believe were the teams. And we did the drinking game where every frame or every round, the loser had to do like a shot along with our drinks that we're drinking. And I was f--ked up at the end of this."

Ryback admitted that he was pleased that he managed to out drink 'The Face That Runs The Place'.  

"I forget who saw him. I want to say it was like Ted DiBiase [who] saw him later that night because Cena has been known to put down a tremendous amount of alcohol and like he was a mess. He was like stripping at the bowling alley and he was doing some really dumb s--t. And I was f--ked up and I was like, 'oh man, this guy's out of control.' Ryback added, "[DiBiase] goes, 'I've never seen him drunker.' I felt so proud of myself that I wasn't that bad in comparison because you always hear, like, how much he can f--king drink."

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