Source: ESPN

Ring of Honor COO, Joe Koff, spoke to ESPN on a number of topics surrounding ROH. Here are some of the highlights:

Signing The Hardys to ROH:

"It's time-based. It's something that they wanted, it's something that we wanted, and it just worked out perfectly. We're very excited to have them. Obviously, as you can see by the reaction, I think the fans are reacting to that very favorably...I think timing had a lot to do with this, as far as last night and being part of Ring of Honor for the next set of weeks or months, whatever it ends up being."

Partnering with New Japan Pro Wrestling:

"Their style of wrestling is very much like a Ring of Honor style of wrestling. Their talent works well with our talent and vice versa, because the focus is basically the same.It's about artistry, integrity and the seriousness of their craft. They are superb athletes, and providing a platform in Japan and in America for both promotions has made this relationship so sound. The real success of it really comes from the work ethics and the understanding of what both promotions are -- we are each true to our own brand, and true to ourselves."

Talent leaving ROH:

"The talent departures in our business, I think it's pretty normal. First of all, I'm so proud of anyone who wrestles for Ring of Honor that is able to go on to a different platform that's better for themselves and their families; if I can't offer it to them, and that's what they seek, then they should be able to do that. It's never been a problem for me, and I'll tell you why it shouldn't really be a problem for the fan. Because Ring of Honor has always had people that have left and gone on, perhaps, to bigger and better [places]. But we are in the best [place] the company's ever been in."

Joe Koff also discussed bringing ROH up to a new level and the process of getting The Young Bucks and Hardys together. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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