- Above is footage of what happened after tonight's Impact Wrestling went off the air. As noted, Alberto El Patron made his Impact Wrestling debut on the show and faced World Champion Bobby Lashley in the main event for the title. After a pair of referee bumps, El Patron hit Lashley in the head with the World title belt and got the pin. As both referees were recovering, one seemingly saw the belt shot while the other counted the pin for El Patron.

In the video above, a frustrated Bobby Lashley is shown arguing with fans as he headed to the back. There is also a backstage segment with Bruce Prichard confronting Alberto El Patron about how he won the Impact Wrestling Championship and saying that he shouldn't be the champion.

"All that I know is that one of these [referees] counted 1, 2, 3 and that makes me the champion," El Patron replied. "All that I know is that tonight we made history because Alberto El Patron, the pride of Mexico, is the new heavyweight champion in TNA. But you already knew that."

- Impact Wrestling revealed that this year's Slammiversary pay-per-view will take place on July 2nd and will celebrate the 15th year of the company.

- The official Impact Wrestling website is back up after being down for maintenance earlier today. The site design has not significantly changed.

- As noted, Impact Wrestling wrote the Hardys out of storylines on tonight's episode when footage of The Hardys was shown using Vanguard1 to teleport and disappearing. The Decay were then shown with the Impact Tag Team Championship, with Abyss saying that "it worked" as Rosemary stated that the Broken Hardys "have now been deleted." Matt Hardy responded to the angle, writing on Twitter:

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