- Jay Reddick of The Orlando Sentinel spoke with Shinsuke Nakamura at the WWE championship belt reveal on Wednesday. Reddick asked Nakamura about eventually transitioning from Saturday NXT Takeover events to WrestleMania Sundays.

"I hope. I hope. I want to go to the next [level]," Nakamura said, after a long 15-second pause. "If I can wrestle at WrestleMania, that's going to be awesome. I… really… want… WrestleMania... I want to wrestle at the biggest wrestling show on the Earth."

Nakamura also discussed his NXT debut last year, being a veteran in NXT, "Strong Style" and more. You can read the full article by clicking here.

- WWE.com has behind-the-scenes video here of Seth Rollins in the WWE Mattel Tough Talkers commercial.

- Fast food restaurant Arby's posted the Bray Wyatt-inspired video on their Twitter this week:

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