Yesterday, we asked which show was better this week: Raw or SmackDown? Let's see who won:

1) Tuesday Night! - It was not a blowout and many of you weren't even that thrilled with last night's show, but thanks to Miz TV and AJ welcoming Shane McMahon to the arena, SmackDown gets the nod. Also, better storytelling, a little blood, and no David Otunga helped the blue brand's case.

Thanks to everyone who responded, we'll be back next week to see if Raw can snap SmackDown's winning streak. For now, here are some of the top comments:

298 PANCAKES!!! (SC):
"Neither felt spectacular. Both were faulty. But SmackDown felt much more interesting. Raw hasn't sold me much on their matches aside from Aries vs. Neville even though I know some of their matches have the potential to steal the show. With SmackDown, they've even gotten me interested in Cena and Nikki vs. Miz and Maryse and I'm wanting Shane vs. AJ even if it's far from my first choice. It's all in the storytelling. Raw is the new car salesman that sucks at their job while SD is like the used car salesman that will talk you into buying a Ford Pinto somehow. Raw's matches may be better, but SD's pitches are miles ahead."

"SD takes easily this week. Miz TV. Miz is proving more and more that he deserves to be in the main event of WM one day (again). AJ/Shane segment was amazing. Orton and Bray furthered their story. Sounds like Bray went darker. The women's division is by far better than RAW's. Oh, another thing... hey showed BLOOD ON WWE TV. SD > RAW."

The Madmage:
"Raw wins but barely. Stephanie and Foley segments were only salvaged by the Triple H vs Rollins confrontation at the end. New Day talks was dull and led to a nothing match between Titus and Big Show. The action was decent to good. None of the SmackDown matches stood out. The main event was cold; the commercial break and frequent cut always to Shane distracted from it. Story wise though, it was a lot better than Raw even with Styles pointing out some of the logic flaws in the storylines. It was refreshing to see Ambrose kept off TV to sell the forklift spot."

"I'm a SD guy, but at this point, I just feel like people are overrating SD by a long shot. Both this week and last week were not good. What was good this week? Except for the AJ/Shane brawl, nothing was good. Even last week was bad. AJ v Randy was disappointing. Nothing else was notable. Raw wins it this week. That wasn't a good show either, but it still had its moments. The last segment was awesome. KO's promo was good. The CW tag match was good. Aries v Nese was decent."

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