Source: ESPN First Take

As noted, Triple H appeared on ESPN's First Take this morning to promote WrestleMania 33. During the interview, Triple H was asked how they stop Hollywood from poaching their talent.

Triple H admitted that you can't stop it, and admitted that he's been in some "direct-to-DVD" movies himself. He said that with movies, you "get nothing like you get with the WWE."

"When 101,000 fans are chanting your name and going crazy, there is nothing - I mean nothing - that gives you that adrenaline rush like that," Triple H said. "It's why The Rock comes back. He's busy, trust me, he's making movies, he's making TV shows, his production company is all over the place. He pretty much owns Hollywood, and it's that charisma that is the reason why. But he still gravitates back into WWE because of that fan base, because of that connection. You just cannot get that anywhere else. It's visceral, it's palpable."

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