Yesterday, we asked which show was better this week: Raw or SmackDown? Let's see who won:

1) The Streak Continues - It really wasn't even a contest this week, SmackDown won hands down in the comments. While the show overall didn't exactly make you guys go wild, it did enough to outdo Raw, yet again.

2) Miz and Maryse - They were the real winners this week, between comments/upvotes they received more love than either show. SmackDown just got to benefit since those fantastic segments were on Tuesday night.

Thanks to everyone who responded, we'll be back next week to see if Raw can snap SmackDown's winning streak. For now, here are some of the top comments:

Phenomenally AWESOME:
"Miz and maryse > Raw"

"Miz and Maryse> Raw and SmackDown"

"That Total Bella parody was more entertaining than anything on Raw. Plus really good matches between Usos/AA and Corbin/Orton. SD wins this week."

Gilberto Torres Jr.:
"Look SmackDown is my show so I may be biased at times. Raw, I'll give them credit has been doing better lately but the 3 hour format is still a drag. I tune in and out frequently but I'm liking the Lesnar/Goldberg, Y2J/KO, and HHH/Rollins stuff. SmackDown for me however exceeds Raw. The 2 hour format makes it watchable and bearable to sit down through it. The wrestling is higher quality and the storylines are allowed make sense and are allowed to marinate for a big payoff. AJ, a single man, definitely brings a certain level of prestige and value to the brand by himself due to the fact that he is arguably the best overall wrestler in the world today."

"Well in my opinion, SmackDown had the better show this week. It was pretty close this week, and I originally pegged Sami Zayn vs. Samoa Joe as my personal match of the week. However, American Alpha vs. The Usos sealed the deal for me. The match began kind of slow, but took off after the commercial break. Those two teams tore the house down in a WrestleMania-worthy match. Hope there's a rematch (no added stipulation) at WrestleMania.

However (to answer the question on the floor), both the Mick Foley segment and the "Total Bellas" segments were a waste of time. I understand that they're trying to build a story, but this is the equivalent of everything that is wrong with the wrestling business. Soap Opera foolishness, over-controlling boss confrontations without comeuppance. It's sickening as a wrestling fan. Granted, I love a good wrestling-based story being played out on the show, but that's just it. I watch wrestling so I don't have to think about Hollywood, Reality TV, CNN, politics, etc. Instead of "escaping" from it, it now follows a person right onto the show. That's the main thing that's wrong with wrestling these days. it's about everything BUT wrestling based content (and I don't just mean pure wrestling matches, but wrestling-based "entertainment" as well)."

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