- Above is the most recent ROH Women of Honor match between Mandy Leon, Sumie Sakai, and Jenny Rose.

- Kenny Omega talked with New Japan Pro Wrestling about a couple topics surrounding his career and how he thinks NJPW should expand globally:

"Ok, here's the thing...if I'm the champion, then you can challenge the world. Because then you have the one guy that can lead this company to bigger things. If you have someone like Okada holding the belt, then just stay in Tokyo! Because then there's no appeal out there. There's no appeal for that anywhere, except your home base. I am the gateway drug. Do you want to take the Okada pill, or do you want to see just how FAR this rabbit hole goes? Then you'll take the Kenny Omega pill! You enter that...O-Matrix! And then you can see what makes New Japan so special. Because the guy that gets the most out of all of these wrestlers here is me! So you want to talk about me writing the playbook? Look, I'm not trying to be selfish. If I wasn't the best wrestler, I'd say, "Look, you gotta give it to THIS guy! He's the leader and I'll be his warm-up act, that's fine." But I'm not an idiot. I know the truth, and the truth is I am the most creative, the best, the man of the hour! Put the belt on me, 'cause I should be the rightful champion. I can take this company to better things and bring in the big bucks."

- Yesterday, Matt Hardy's merchandise store stopped taking orders and soon after ROH brought out two new shirts for both Jeff and Matt Hardy. While the Hardys are the current ROH World Tag Team champions, they are still in talks with WWE in what's been called a matter of when, not if.

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