Source: WWE Fan France

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville recently did an interview with WWE Fan France to promote his upcoming title defense against Austin Aries at Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando next month. Here are the highlights:

Who in the Cruiserweight division can push him to his limits:

"Nobody can push me to my limits. There's not a man on 205 Live that even compares to me, not even close proximity. Nope is the answer, next question."

If he was impressed with Austin Aries' RAW debut:

"Are you referring to the - he hit me with a microphone after I defended to Cruiserweight championship on RAW. On live television, for the entertainment of the masses. While parading around as an interviewer, he attacks me with a microphone, with a weapon, unprovoked - you ask me how I feel about his debut? I think it's safe to say I was not impressed. I think it's safe to say that there are going to be repercussions for what happened during Austin Aries' debut."

Who else he'd like to face at Wrestlemania other than Austin Aries:

"Listen, it's not important who I face. Wrestlemania is not about my opponent, it's about Neville. I want to make that crystal clear, okay? April 2nd in Orlando is about The King Of The Cruiserweight and nobody else."

If it is possible for him and the Cruiserweight division to go on and become a world champion one day:

"For all of the division? I don't think so. Never say never. Perhaps some of these guys if they want to progress and develop towards that goal. But I don't care. I don't care what they do, I don't care about nobody else. If you're questioning about myself, could I one day be WWE Universal Champion or likewise? Absolutely. That is an inevitability. If you watch WWE for the coming years you are going to see that happen right in front of you. And you know what? You go the scoop right now so congratulations. That greatness is in my future. Guaranteed."

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