Source: Gorilla Position

AJ Styles spoke to Gorilla Position about his thoughts on part-time wrestlers working at WrestleMania, in particular the Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar match at this year's show. You can also hear this comments in the video above:

"I can tell you this. Goldberg, and what him and Brock have done together, have made sure that people are going to come and watch WrestleMania. They want to see this match, and if they have to come see them they also have to come to see me. And now I have the opportunity to impress them, while they're there and I'll make AJ fans or Shane McMahon fans out of them. That's my job, and so, am I mad at these guys for being Superstars like, the ultimate, that everybody knows? Absolutely not. When they [said], 'Oh, part-timers, yeah, [they] come in and do that.' You know what? Let them be part-timers, if they can do that, then they have earned it and to tell you the truth, when they're not here that's more money in my pocket. So that's not a bad thing, ya know? Let's work together, I don't care who's on top, just as long as we're all able to pay our bills."

AJ Styles also discussed his favorite crowd to wrestle in front of, his dream WrestleMania opponent, and wrestling against Shinksuke Nakamura again. You can listen to the full interview on iTunes by clicking here.

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