- Above, WWE posted the first Z! True Comeback Story of Zack Ryder returning from a knee injury that has kept him out of action for months. Ryder said the injury was incredibly painful and since then his days have been basically the same: wake up, put on his knee brace, make breakfast, and go to physical therapy at the WWE Performance Center. He also mentioned that after getting hurt, as Mojo helped him to the back, it felt like the Hype Bros were "Riding off into the sunset" as he expected Mojo to go to singles competition.

- WWE asked fans: "Which Raw Superstar is most in danger of losing their title at WrestleMania 33?" As of this writing, Goldberg leads with 51 percent of the vote. After him it's Chris Jericho (16 percent), Bayley (15 percent), Neville (9 percent), and Gallows/Anderson (8 percent).

- As noted earlier, Sami Zayn gave a passionate speech to a Montreal crowd at a WWE Live Event last night. Zayn asked Owens to stick around and said:

"Everybody here knows exactly how long the story between you and me goes. It started 14 years ago in Montreal. In every church basement and every community hall, it was you and me, and you and me, until we took it to the U.S., 'till we took it to England, 'till we took it all around the word, 'till now, where we're the main event in Montreal!"

Zayn continued on as Owens got emotional himself and got on the mic. After a pause, Owens told Zayn, in French, "Sami, I f------ hate you" and went backstage. To which Zayn responded, "Yeah, I kinda figured as much" and then told the crowd how he wasn't sure what he was doing at WrestleMania, but this was his WrestleMania. You can see the full segment in the video below:

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