Yesterday, we asked who you thought would not only win the match between Roman Reigns and The Undertaker, but would Reigns turn heel in the process? With over 250 comments, there were a lot of ideas, so let's check out the winner and some of the prevailing thoughts:

1) The Writing Is On The Wall - While it wasn't a complete blowout, Reigns winning took up a large chunk of the vote, as most of you felt there was no way he could lose with how WWE has booked him. He's obviously in an upward trajectory and defeating Braun Strowman clean last month was a sign WWE was looking to really build him up for WrestleMania. Plus, let's be real, a lot of you felt Taker was a shell of his former self, Reigns shouldn't lose to a 52 year old with his streak no longer in play.

2) Crossroads - Picking the winner seemed fairly easy, but to go heel or not go heel was a different story. Many of those who thought he would turn heel would be after the match and with Undertaker winning. Those who didn't think he would turn heel stuck to the fact that Vince McMahon is looking to put him over as the face of the company, or keeping him in that split zone a la John Cena. Saw a number of votes for him to turn, go to SmackDown, and form a stable with The Usos.

3) The Strowman Effect - It seems likely he will show up at some point in this match, possibly to destroy both wrestlers. The more likely scenario will be Strowman initially goes after Undertaker, Reigns fights him off (hoping the crowd cheers that on) and then the match could go either way with a winner. With how things have gone lately for Strowman, maybe he should just stay out of this one.

4) New Deadman? - I'm guessing this was just a joke, but I actually saw a number of people saying The Undertaker should pass on his gimmick to Roman Reigns.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

Richard Staple:
"Taker doesn't need to win any more matches, and quite frankly he doesn't need to be in WWE either anymore. I'm sure he still has a good match or two left in him, but his body is breaking apart. WWE ruined their chance to have Cena/Taker, and nothing indicates they'll do it next year, so hang up the boots, Deadman."

Swiss Superman:
"Based on how unwilling Vince has been to budge with Roman turning heel, I highly doubt there will be a heel turn. With that said, I imagine what will happen is Roman will beat Taker and continue on as a face causing more fans to turn against him while the company keeps moving forward with him as the 'face' of the company and they will begin the build to Roman vs Lesnar II at WM34."

"My heart says Undertaker, my mind says Roman Reigns. My big issue with this feud and match is that it just feels like a desperate attempt to get Roman Reigns over has this 'universal liked superhero'. The same forced formula for almost 3 years. If WWE really thinks that babyface Roman defeating the Undertaker at WM is making things better, you risk a Royal Rumble 2015 hijack or even bigger and perhaps deservedly IMO."

Victim of the Kliq:
"Roman beating Braun clean at Fastlane is, for me, concrete proof that they have something big planned for Roman. I expect him to beat Taker convincingly at Mania, and brag the next night on Raw about being the new top dog in the yard. But, continuing to be a tweener heel/face."

make it reign:
"Roman has to win this otherwise this entire feud is pointless,if Taker a 50 year old man who is barely standing and barely in shape beats Roman the supposed top guy of this generation,then what was the point in all of this?"

The Outsiders:
"The streak is over. So if Reigns beats Taker, it wont be a big deal anymore, because that shock value is gone!"

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