Source: ESPN

Shinsuke Nakamura spoke with ESPN before his match this weekend against Bobby Roode at NXT TakeOver: Orlando. Here are some of the highlights:

Not initially liking his entrance theme:

"Before my debut, WWE sent me a sample of the music and I sent it back. I said, 'I don't want to use this, I don't want to use this.' They tried to keep it and I said, 'No, no, no.' Finally, I asked them if they could listen to some samples, and we went back and forth and finally they sent me what you hear now, and I said, 'Yes, OK. I'll use this one.'"

Getting to WrestleMania:

"I want to go to the biggest places like WrestleMania. We will see, but I want to give some inspiration for people all over the world. Wrestling is an art. Every culture has an art, like music and dancing and fighting. So that's my base. If I think about it like art, I can connect with everybody."

His mannerisms:

"Everything is from my real life, from the moving of the fingers and the body movement -- that's from classic ballet or martial arts. I trained in classic ballet and martial arts. Some things come from yoga, some things come from kobudo or kung fu, I just mixed them together. It's like hybrid martial arts style"

Shinsuke Nakamura also discussed more about his entrance theme and Michael Jackson's influence on him. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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