Welcome to the WrestlingINC.com Live Viewing Party for WWE 205 Live. Tonight's episode will feature the "mentor" Brian Kendrick looking to teach his "student" Akira Tozawa another lesson. We'll also see the final hype before the WWE Cruiserweight Championship match between Neville and Austin Aries at WrestleMania.

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- We kick off the show by taking a look at the Neville and Aries interaction from last night at RAW.

- Neville interviewed backstage. He says Aries made a crucial mistake by making fun the Cruiserweight Championship. He says he is going to show why there isn't a 205 Live without Neville.

- Phillips and Graves on the call again tonight. They hype tonight's card including the aforementioned Kendrick vs. Tozawa.

Rich Swann vs. Ariya Daivari

It is announced that the other half of Dar-vari, Noam Dar, was injured in his match with Austin Aries last night, so Daivari is the replacement for tonight's match. Slow play out of the gate, trading holds. Pace picks up with an elongated whip exchange. Swann with the flip over Daivari and a drop kick. Ariya ducks a baseball slide and sends Swann into the announce table head first. Adding insult to injury, Swann gets sent face first into the LED ring post. Daivari continues to work Swann over until a big clothesline. Near fall. Chin lock applied to the former champ. Crowd helps him fight out but promptly gets sent into two different turnbuckles with some solid force. Daivari can fly, and tries to do so with a frog splash. The pool is empty and Swann regains momentum. Swann with kicks and a modified driver for a near fall. Almost a ref bump as Daivari sends Swann to the corner. Daivari applies the Cobra Clutch and transitions into a jumping neck breaker. Near a 3 count, but no dice. Frog splash hits its mark this time, but Swann kicks out. Daivari heads up top, but Swann takes him down with his trademark jumping rana. Phoenix Splash finishes the job for the win. Fun match.

Winner via Pinfall: Rich Swann

- Backstage with Alicia Fox. She says Dar is hurt and will be back soon. Swann interrupts and says he personally hopes Dar gets well soon. Another delivery man finds Foxy, and inside the box is some nice perfume. Fox sprays it all over and freshens her breath for good measure.

- Senator Drew Gulak talking with Mustafa Ali. Gulak says Ali's ability has put him on the map, but is it the right map? Ali says his move set makes the crowd react and it feels good. Gulak goes on his rant as Ali heads to the ring and is done listening.

Mustafa Ali vs. Brandon Scott

Let the showcase commence. Ali hits all the high notes as soon as the bell rings. The referee backs Ali up. Upon return, Scott trips him up into the ropes. Scott issues a huge clothesline for a two count. Scott with a diving punch that comes up empty. Ali creates some space and goes high risk once again. A bevy of kicks find their mark. Roll-thru neck breaker takes Scott down. Inverted 450 gets the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Mustafa Ali

Akira Tozawa vs. Brian Kendrick

Tozawa out with a bang. Kick sends Kendrick outside, followed by the headbutt dive. Back inside and a lofty senton gets a near fall. Tozawa fakes a shot, waits for Kendrick to uncover, and hits a straight right. Tozawa slips out of the Captain's Hook and adds another dive to the repertoire. Tozawa's mouthpiece comes into play as Kendrick uses a drop toe hold to send the student face first into the steel ramp. The momentum has official shifted to the veteran. Suplex from the apron to Tozawa as the crowd gets behind the Japanese star. Kendrick tries a myriad of submissions, unable to lock in the Captain's Hook. Tozawa makes the ropes. Another shot leads to a cover and two count. Kendrick playing dirty pool now as he goes for the nostrils and other odd body parts. Tozawa finally fights out, whip, elbow from Kendrick. Tozawa reverses with a Shining Wizard, but doesn't get all of it. Covers anyway for a two. Pump kick from Tozawa. Sliced Bread #2 out of nowhere from Kendrick, long two count. Captain's Hook locked in once again. Kendrick drapes Tozawa up top and joins him looking for his finisher amplified. Kendrick removes the turnbuckle pad even though Tozawa gets the best of the exchange. Tozawa tries to fire himself up, goes for a corner attack, and is met with a bare top turnbuckle. Kendrick rolls him up for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Brian Kendrick

- After the match, Kendrick delivers lesson #9: "anything and everything can be used as a weapon."

- WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville comes to the ring. He says he's at a crossroads and at a time of reflection of his life and career. He says he hasn't had it easy. He goes over his injury last year and his comeback to 205 Live and says he's carried the brand. He calls Aries a commentary clown and says the universe would rather cheer Aries than himself. He throws it to footage of 205 Live without Neville. It's a black screen. Well played. Enter Austin Aries.

Aries says there's a difference between he and Neville. He says Neville makes excuses to make himself feel good. Aries goes on to put Neville over, but says he's that much better. He says he adds humor and wit to make things fun so he's not miserable like Neville. Aries says he and Neville are alike as well. They both had to work hard to get where they are and prove people wrong, which gives them both egos. Aries says it doesn't matter where they are on the card, they can both tear the house down, and that's what they'll do at WrestleMania. Aries says Neville knows exactly who he is and will take the championship. The feel good story ends there. Neville decks Aries and leaves him laying. Neville thinks about leaving, but has another idea. Aries hits Neville with a mic and locks in the Last Chancery. Neville slips out and hightails it up the ramp as we head off the air.

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