Yesterday, we asked which show was better this week: Raw or SmackDown? From your comments, here is this week's winner:

1) You're My Boy, Blue! - SmackDown grabs yet another easy win, thanks mostly to the MizTV segment that was probably the best segment for the entire week.

2) Go Home, No, Seriously... - A lot of votes went towards neither show, both were pretty underwhelming as a whole, especially when you consider they are the last chance to hook fans for WrestleMania. Each show had a segment or two that was a lot of fun, but each also had endings that you guys were not thrilled with at all. Have a feeling next week's shows will not be quite so disappointing.

Thanks to everyone who responded, we'll be back next week, for now, here are some of the top comments:

"I enjoyed various parts of both shows but another entertaining Total Bellas parody and Cena's SAVAGE promo gave SmackDown the win this week. Cena was straight FIRE tonight! Just made a comment earlier about how Cena has been stale for years and the same day he cuts one of if not the best promo I've ever from him."

"Any promo The Miz and Maryse put on instantly makes SD the winner. No contest."

"SD takes the cake this week easily...Only good thing of RAW was New Day/Aries and the Rollins/HHH segment. Reigns/Taker was okay. The Goldberg/Lesnar segment was boring as usual. SD was awesome all the way through (except for the 5 vs 5 tag match.). Shane/AJ segment to start the show was perfect. The women's division is awesome as usual. Good to see Naomi back. Miz/Cena was gold. Miz had him with the Total Bellas segment, but Cena came back firing. SD > RAW."

Don Piano:
"I think I enjoyed Raw more this week. Even though that Miz segment was awesome."

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