WWE posted this video with Seth Rollins in Orlando training for Sunday's Non-Sanctioned Match against Triple H at WrestleMania 33. Rollins says Sunday is the biggest of night of his career and he's got to make sure his knee is ready, and make sure his heart is ready. Rollins says his knee is not 100% but it feels pretty good, all things considered. He knows Triple H will be coming for the knee so he's doing everything he can to get prepared.

Keeping with the storylines, Rollins says doctors and surgeons have told him not to do the match because the risk isn't worth the reward. Rollins says he has to get to 100% mentally because if he's not there on Sunday, he will fall apart physically. Rollins believes he will get there by Sunday.

WWE also posted this video of Rollins discussing his WrestleMania 33 workout. Rollins comments on how he's been sick for the past few weeks.

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