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Just ahead of WWE WrestleMania: The Ultimate Thrill Ride, WWE Monday Night RAW Commissioner and Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon was a guest on the Cheap Heat podcast. Among many other things, McMahon talked about growing up in the professional wrestling business, her father pulling back the curtain on genre, and what matches she is looking forward to most at WrestleMania.

According to McMahon, she always gravitated towards heels. Also on the subject of growing up in WWE, 'The Billion Dollar Princess' had a close bond with Pat Patterson.

"I always had a strong affinity for the heels, as you can imagine, and the integral role that they play in helping to create the babyface. And just how important that role is, and the psychology of it, and how everybody would respond, but in terms of people around me, and I know my brother would say this name as well, is Pat Patterson. He was the first-ever Intercontinental Champion, but he then also, he was really my dad's booking partner, which in wrestling, you book, right? You book your attractions and then you build storylines around those attractions. Very rarely does it happen where it's a storyline first, though it does work that way sometimes. And Pat was definitely very influential in my life. I mean, of course my father and my mother. My brother just stretched me every chance he got, so I guess I learned how to deal with that. That's certainly a learning experience."

During the interview, McMahon stated that she understands why some people were reluctant to expose the professional wrestling business as a work.  

"Our fans suspend their disbelief. It's no different than a movie or a television show. It's not like the 80s when my dad coined the phrase 'sports entertainment' and everyone freaked out because, 'oh my God! You're unveiling the curtain! You're going to kill the business!'. No, he's going to make the business bigger than it [has] ever been before, but he had to prove that our and I certainly understand people being scared of that."

With respect to WrestleMania 33, live this Sunday from Orlando, Florida, McMahon said she is looking forward to Triple H versus Seth Rollins the most.

"In terms of the matches that I'm looking forward to most, I mean, of course, Triple H and Seth Rollins. It's unfortunate for Seth that Hunter's going to end his career and everything because he was on a roll there for a little while with The Authority, but that's okay. That's okay. It's true [that WrestleMania season is Triple H's time of the year], it's true. And let's see, Undertaker versus Roman [Reigns]. Is Roman going to be able to retire The Undertaker? That's a huge story. Of course Brock [Lesnar] versus Goldberg. And I'm naming all of the RAW matches first because, of course, I'm the Commissioner of RAW."

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