- The Orlando Sentinel has an article here with WWE employees talking about the set for Sunday's WrestleMania pay-per-view. It was noted that the stage has been being constructed for two weeks, and there will be more LED video used than ever.

"I'm kind of the nuts and bolts, make-it-all-work guy," said Duncan Leslie, senior vice president of event technical operations for WWE. "Between 400 to 500 people contribute to this, whether it's [information technology] guys, loaders, crane operators, riggers, lighting folks and everything in between. There will be [more than] 100 semi-trucks bringing in gear all week long."

- NBC affiliate WESH 2 has an aerial video of the stage at this link.

- Below are more new photos of the WrestleMania stage:

New look at the #WrestleMania set (Thanks to Billy Williams for the pic)

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