As noted, Sting, Ric Flair and Jim Ross were at the WrestleCon Kickoff Q&A yesterday. Wrestling Inc. was on hand for the event, below are some highlights from Flair:

* Flair said that he has no problem with John Cena tying his record.

* He argued with Vince McMahon about wrestling Sting on the last WCW Monday Nitro because he was not happy with his appearance.

* The original Black Scorpion was supposed to be Al Perez, but he didn't want to get beat.

* He said that he'd never get back in the podcast business again after the backlash he received for saying that Finn Bálor would never main event a WrestleMania.

* Flair said that if Sting would've gone to WWE before Hulk Hogan, there would've never been a Hogan because Sting would've been so over. Jim Ross added that Sting was reliable and very athletic.

* He feels that Jay Lethal should be in the WWE, and thinks that Seth Rollins is a better heel than he is a face.

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