New Japan Pro Wrestling Season 3 Episode 10

Tonight's episode features matches from the semi-finals of the 2016 G-1 Climax tournament. "Good ol' JR" Jim Ross and Josh Barnett are on the call as we go right to the action!

Katsuyori Shibata vs. EVIL

Shibata with a big running kick to the head of EVIL to start things off. Back suplex from Shibata who goes for the PK, just missing the kick as EVIL rolls out of the ring. Wasting no time, Shibata rolls EVIL back into the ring, but catches a clothesline on the way into the ring himself.

EVIL in control now with an Irish whip on Shibata into the rail. He wraps Shibata's arm around the rail and picks up a steel chair, which he uses to smash his opponent's arm.

Back in the ring now and Shibata reverses an STO into one of his own to change the momentum! Double arm suplex and a near fall on EVIL. Brutal kick to the chest but EVIL catches the second, only to fall into a dragon sleeper that keeps Shibata in control. EVIL works over Shibata's fingers to weaken the hold and counter with a back drop suplex as both men are down.

Both men trade hard shots now, with EVIL getting the upper hand using a half-nelson suplex. EVIL with a powerbomb as the ref checks on Shibata, but only gets a 2 count. STO on Shibata, and EVIL gets the 3 count and the upset!

Winner: EVIL (pinfall)

We go to a pre-recorded interview with Tetsuya Naito. He mentions that when he learned who he was facing in Block B of G-1 Climax 2016, he looked forward to facing Kenny Omega more than anyone else on the list. He puts Omega's time in the Jr. Division over, but since joining the Bullet Club, Naito says that Kenny has become boring.

Tetsuya Naito vs Kenny Omega

We're shown both entrances to build up the anticipation for this B Block Finals matchup between these NJPW stars. JR and Josh Barnett talk about how both stable leaders came to the ring alone, and that neither man seems to have much respect for the other. Whoever wins the match will advance to the finals against Hirooki Goto on only 12 hours of rest. More hype by the announcers as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and both men feed off the crowd reactions. Omega charges Naito after Naito avoids the lock up. Kenny Omega with a running double ax handle, but Naito slides out of the way and taunts Omega from the mat. Omega spits down in Naito's face! Naito stands up and both men spit at one another, leading to a sliding dropkick to Omega's knee.

Naito drops Omega into the corner and nails a low dropkick to the same injured knee. He continues to work Omega's left knee and seems to have complete control. Omega struggles to fight back, and manages to toss Naito out of the ring through the ropes. Kenny misses a jump over the top but lands on his feet, only to catch another low dropkick to his left knee.

As Naito picks up Omega, Kenny charges him with a series of shoulder tackles into the guard rail. He follows up with a body slam on Naito onto the apron, working Naito's lower back. In the ring and Omega with a neck breaker that drives Naito's neck into the left knee. Omega covers for 2.

Kenny with a flurry of elbows and another near fall. Omega is feeling confident as he tosses Naito around the ring and pins him in the corner with a boot to the throat. Standing neckbreaker and another 2 count.

Back to their feet now and Omega drops Naito with 2 huge chops. Omega has Naito up for the running senton. He sets up for the moonsault, but Naito hits a dropkick to the back of Kenny's legs to even things up as we go to commercial.

We return and Naito has completely regained control, hitting a swinging neckbreaker on Omega that gives him some time to rest. Naito sets Omega up in the corner, and jumps from the apron back into the ring for a dropkick, followed by the Figure Four.

Omega fights his way to the bottom rope and Naito is slow to break the hold. Naito wastes too much time and Omega digs deep to fight out of the corner, hitting a running bulldog to even the odds. Running kick send Naito flying off the apron into the rail! Omega sets Naito up for the powerbomb, and connects right over the rail into the announce table! Kenny Omega goes up top and flips over the rail onto Naito on the floor! Unbelievable!

Naito slowly gets to the ring at the count of 18 but Kenny slides out, setting his opponent up on the apron and crushing him with a dragon suplex. Dragon suplex again, this time in the ring, follow by a bridge and a 2 count. Omega thought that was enough, and Naito looks to be out cold.

Kenny tries to set Naito up for a powerbomb, but he counters with a delayed DDT that slows things down. Omega fights up first, and both wrestlers trade forearms in the middle of the ring. Naito with the upper hand, but he eats a high knee to the face. Counter by Naito, and Naito with a spinning DDT running around the ropes! Cover and a near fall!

We see Naito set Kenny up on the apron. He connects with frankensteiner, but Omega counters on the way down into a pin! Naito kicks out and sets Omega up for Gloria. He connects but Omega kicks out at 2 as we go to another commercial.

When we return to the match, both men are back at it trading chops. The left knee is slowing Omega down, but Naito underestimates him and eats a clothesline. Knee to the jaw of Naito, but Naito counters Omega's One-Winged Angel attempt into a leg lock. Kenny wills his way to the bottom rope for the much needed break.

As Naito sets up for a knee-breaker, Omega hits a knee to the face, creating just enough space to connect with a deadlift suplex followed by a Dr. Bomb and a 2 count! One-Winged Angel countered by Naito, driving Omega's head into the canvas!

Once again Naito sets Omega up in the corner and goes up top. Reverse frankensteiner on Omega but it's not enough! Omega fights back with a modified Tombstone piledriver for a near fall himself!

Omega struggles to get Naito up for the finisher, and both men trade slaps to the face. Enziguri by Naito followed by a flying knee by Omega. Naito counters the one winged angel but gets caught with a suplex and a 2 count! One-winged angel finally connects with just over a minute remaining in the match! 3 count and Omega reaches the finals!

Winner: Kenny Omega (pinfall)

After the match, we see Naito hobbling around the arena before we go to commercial break. We return to Omega in the ring for a promo, and he says he notices the changes in the way he feels about the crowd, and the way the crowd feels about him. When he needed support, he heard "Naito! Naito! Naito!" And when he won, he heard "Kenny! Kenny! Kenny!" He wonders what kind of place cheers for Naito? Omega claims he is the most valuable wrestler in NJPW, and he guarantees victory over Hirooki Goto in the finals. "Goodbye and goodnight. BANG!"

We go to an interview with Naito, who says he was wrong about Kenny Omega being boring. He saw the Omega that he used to know, and said he enjoyed the match and almost earned a spot in the finals. He us upset that no members of Los Ingobernables de Japon won the G-1, but they showed the world their skill.

That's all for this week! Next episode will feature the G-1 Finals matchup of Kenny Omega vs. Hirooki Goto!

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