- CFO$, who composed Shinsuke Nakamura's NXT theme, The Rising Sun, tweeted out the video above of Michael Mac's guitar remix of the theme.

- Speaking of Nakamura, Yahoo Sports has an interview here with the former NXT Champion. During the interview, he said that his goal when he eventually debuts on the WWE main roster is to be "bigger than everybody." He also discussed why he left Japan to sign with WWE.

"I feel as if I accomplished everything in Japan, so I wanted to challenge myself," Nakamura said. "I wanted something new, so I decided to come to WWE. WWE has the biggest wrestling platform in the world. I also wanted the challenge of moving to the U.S. Everything was new for me, I wanted to experience it."

- News satire site The Onion has a satirical article at this link about WWE announcing that the theme for this year's WrestleMania is "Springtime in Paris," as seen in the photo below. It noted that the card "would feature the Raw Universal Championship and the Smackdown WWE Championship set in a magnificent sea of pastels teeming with the scent of cherry blossoms in full bloom." Below is an excerpt:

"Come Sunday, all eyes will be on the WWE as we bring you a night of blood, sweat, and Parisian charm," said [Vince] McMahon, adding that the flagship event would transport its 100,000 spectators to the banks of the River Seine as they take in more than 13 matches, including a Fatal 4-Way elimination. "This will be an unforgettable event packed with some of the baddest men and women in all of professional wrestling surrounded by the grand splendor of the French capital."

"It will be simply the most magnificent evening in the history of the WWE," added McMahon.

According to the design plans released by the WWE, the event boasts a specially designed ring with turnbuckles hung from Eiffel Tower replicas and a canvas mat painted with Claude Monet's Water Lily Pond. Sources also confirmed that the organization had constructed a 20-foot-tall Notre Dame Cathedral on the arena floor to begin each wrestling match with the ringing from its bell tower.

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