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As noted, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross interviewed current WWE Universal Champion Goldberg on The Ross Report in anticipation of his main event match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33 this Sunday. Among many other things, Goldberg talked about his family being proud of him during his present run with WWE, feeling "horrible", telling Vince McMahon that he will remember everything he is supposed to do when his stint with the company ends, whether he planned on appearing at WrestleMania, his first WrestleMania match against Lesnar, and whether he would consider another run with WWE in the future.

According to Goldberg, his family is proud of him for his current WWE run and he is thankful that he gets to be "one of the coolest dads".  

"I truly believe that they're… I think they're proud, man. And I think it's cool for them to get a little piece of it. And that's why I did it." Goldberg continued, "I don't want to be corny, but I've got to thank everyone involved because they gave me the ability to be one of the coolest dads on the planet."

"And, hey, each and every time I go out, whether it's Monday or this coming weekend, man, I treat it like it's my last one. And to look back at the opportunity that I've been given, to do what I used to do, 13 years removed when I have a family, I am forever indebted to every human being who has positively received me because they've contributed to the picture that my family is able to see and experience."

When asked how his body is holding up, Goldberg replied that he feels horrible, as he always does.  

"I feel horrible, man. I always feel horrible. I'm the type of person, J.R., and most of are in the wrestling world, have a little bit of vainness in them." Goldberg added, "we try to be at our best at all times and, all things considered, partner, you'd think that 13 years removed from hanging up the tights and the boots, that I'm actually to a point where I can look myself in the mirror and not be completely terrified about wearing my drawers in front of all these people and trying to be… and it's not just that. It's not just the physical appearance, which is a lot of it, it's the ability to do what I did."

Apparently, Goldberg told McMahon that he will remember everything that he did in his previous run when it is time for him to leave WWE again.

"It's funny, I told Vince, I said, 'you know what? I'll probably remember all the stuff that I've forgotten right when it's time to say 'goodbye' because I forgot I chewed gum in the ring. I'd forgotten the sequence of my old pyro. There [are] just so many things that I completely spaced out on that are being pieced together as we speak, in realtime, each time I go out there."

Goldberg admitted that his original deal with WWE was supposed to be "one-and-done" and he had no plans of appearing at WrestleMania.  

"Absolutely not. I had no intention of trying to put myself on the WrestleMania card, or thinking I was going to be put on it, or thinking it was even a possibility. I mean, I was one-and-done. I agreed to come in and do my thing and I guess they were pleasantly surprised and they extended it a little bit."

Goldberg suggested that the Universal Championship match at WrestleMania this year is redemption for their prior WrestleMania bout, which was unfavorably received in general.

"There were a lot of things contributed to it and I think I had a lot to do with it too." Goldberg recalled, "it was very unfortunate that that was the setup, man. Us two at that time? If the circumstances were different, my God, almighty. Hey, but here we are now! It's a strange world, man, and I'm happy to be living in it."

Goldberg indicated that he would consider a return to WWE after his current run ends, possibly coming back for SummerSlam (2017) or WrestleMania 34, as Ross suggested.

"I'd consider it for sure. Forget about what I've been through. It doesn't matter. I'd do it all over again. The ability to put my son in the stands and my wife in the stands again, I'd go through just about anything for that. And I surely didn't say that 13 years ago. My priorities have completely changed."

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