Brian Fritz and Michael Wiseman of Between The Ropes talked with Charlotte Flair at Radio Row.

* Brian asked her if she wanted to stay away from some of her father's mannerisms. Charlotte said it's been a work in progress. She said moving like him is just genetic.

* Brian asked what the best and worst part of having her father as her manager. Charlotte said the best part was sharing time together with her dad. The worst was putting a lot of pressure on herself, and thinking it might have gone badly.

* Michael asked what keeps her going on her own path. She said that she's incredibly athletic and is proud of her sports past. Her confidence comes from knowing her own ability.

* Brian asked what it was like to see her father's statue unveiled. She said her dad was so excited, and she thought the detail was unbelievable. She teased she's going to have a special robe of her own for WrestleMania, and that the concept of it is dedicated to him. It's going to be very colorful.

* Michael asked her about the competition between Raw and SmackDown, Charlotte says both shows want to be better than the other, but both brands want each other to do well, so that the entire company succeeds. She thinks the SmackDown brand is killing it.

* Brian talked about how Alexa Bliss has improved, and Charlotte said she's a shining star. In regards to her best friend Becky Lynch, and the two possibly being on the same show again after a rumored draft, she thinks it would be awesome. She'd love the opportunity to revisit their past feud. She believes they were just touching the surface before they ended up on different shows. She joked that she might be able to convince Becky to come to the dark side. She said she'll become the five time Women's Champion come WrestleMania.

Charlotte also talks about the NCAA tournament, how comfortable she is being a WWE superstar and more. Check out the full interview above.

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