As seen in the video above, Jonathan Coachman interviewed Kurt Angle for ESPN after Angle was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on Friday night. During the interview, Angle noted that he is now in every wrestling Hall of Fame, both amateur and professional. He was also once again asked if he would be wrestling in WWE again.

"I know I'm going to take more-or-less of an ambassador role," Angle stated. "I do know that there's a chance of Kurt Angle wrestling again."

Angle admitted that he will have to earn the trust of the WWE, especially with the trouble that he's had in the past. He stated that he's been clean for four years, and the more he shows that he can be depended on, the more likely it is that he wrestles for WWE again.

"I really think that Kurt Angle is not done wrestling," Angle said. "I think it's safe to say that I will be wrestling back in that WWE ring again."

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