In the video above, Brian Fritz and Michael Wiseman of Between The Ropes interviewed The Big Show at Radio Row.

Brian asked Show about his weight loss, and if he is able to do more things in the ring now. Show said he can do more, but knows better not to. He said he won't be busting out a Moonsault at the Andre the Giant battle royal.

Brian asked who the best athlete is on the roster, Show said Braun Strowman is one of the best, as well as Kofi Kingston, Neville, Rich Swann (he called him Chris Swann). He said the business has never seen the crop of athletes they have now. He said there's a lot of amazing athletes, they just need the time to develop their characters and storylines. He said wrestlers keep better care of themselves these days.

When the topic of locker room mentality came up, Show said he doesn't want any writers or production crew members inside of the men's locker room. If they walk in when he's in there, he'll throw their ass out. He said if you want someone who is in the locker room, you're supposed to knock and ask for them to come out. Show said they go through writers quickly, so they don't need to be in there.

Show said it's important to keep old school rules in place. He wants the younger talent to think that they're stars, and not just employees.

The subject of Shaq came up, and Brian asked if Show knew why the match didn't happen. Show said he couldn't give two flying pigs why it didn't happen. He also said this is possibly his last WrestleMania, as his contract comes up in January. When it comes time for retirement, he believes he'll be around if needed, but will find some outside interests to keep himself busy.

If he were to sign on for one more WrestleMania match, Show joked he'd take on Jessica Alba in a pillow fight, otherwise he doesn't have a clear opponent in mind for who he would wrestle.

You can check out the interview in its entirety in the video above.

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