As noted previously, the "Broken" gimmick that The Hardys performed during their time at Impact Wrestling appears to be no more now that they are back with the WWE. The interview above with Matt and Jeff Hardy was done at Ring of Honor's show on Saturday in Orlando before the tag team appeared at WrestleMania 33, in what is likely their final "Broken" interview.

In a previous interview on On Your Mark, Eli Drake made some comments - in a comical, tongue-in-check way - towards Matt Hardy's son, King Maxel:

"F--- you Maxel, you and your little baby s---," Eli said. "Yeah, God, man, I can't stand you. You and your fat little cheeks."

In the interview above, Matt Hardy responded by saying:

"I heard what that loudmouth rapscallion, Eli Drake, said about the great King Maxel. Yes, King Maxel is the greatest soul ever known to mankind."

Hardy went on to blame the interviewer for the comments about King Maxel.

"Aw, you instigated that, yes. You forced that upon that man [Drake], you programmed him to say that, yes," Hardy said. "So for that, I hold you responsible and if the seven deities, if they deem it, if they mandate it, I shall... delete you!"

Matt and Jeff captured the WWE Raw Tag Team titles at WrestleMania 33, and then defended them the next night on Raw against Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. You can hear the full interview in the video above.

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