As noted, Impact Wrestling star Michael Paris, a.k.a. DJ Z, underwent surgery today after suffering an injury during a match for the Crash promotion last night in Mexico City. Paris posted a video on social media while going to the hospital and said that he couldn't move after taking a 450 splash. He noted that the move knocked the wind out of him, and he was unable to stand up.

"We're not sure what's wrong," Paris said. "[I] thought maybe I broke a rib or something. [I] finished the match, however. [I] just puked my guts out after the match and couldn't stand up and was basically dying and turning pale. We're going to go to the hospital to see what's wrong with me."

Charlie Santo, who wrestles as Gringo Loco, was with Paris last night and wrote on his Facebook that Paris "suffered multiple injuries" during the match. Santo stated that Paris ruptured his colon and was bleeding internally. Santo wrote that he has "never witnessed someone in more pain than him," and asked fans to keep him in their prayers.

Santo provided an update this afternoon and said that the surgery went well. Santo added that the doctor said that Paris will "eventually be out of the woods." His full post is below:

Michael Paris is out of surgery. The procedure went well and has just arrived to the recovery room. He'll have to be observed here 3-5 days depending on his recovery. But the doctor assured me he'll eventually be out of the woods. . This is great news considering everything we were worried about last night.

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