As noted earlier, Alberto El Patron went on a drunken rant against his former employer the WWE, as well as, Triple H. Earlier today, he did another Periscope (along with Paige) while the couple were still in New York City. Alberto wanted to address what he said the previous night and called out the WWE and Triple H a second time.

"Everybody knows the way I feel about that company...Everybody knows the way I feel about those pu--ies from WWE, and I'm gonna say it again. Those pu--ies from the WWE, especially, the one with the big nose. So, I said it again and I'm going to put it on the site, because [Laughs] I don't care anymore."

Alberto then addressed those who don't support Paige and him:

"There are some dumb a--es out there, just, liking to talk crap about us or about what we do. They only see the bad things, they don't see the good things we do."

You can see the full video by clicking here.

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