As noted previously, Alberto El Patron went on a drunken rant via Periscope, going after the WWE and Triple H. Here is a third Periscope, in this one Alberto has a message for the person who had something to do with Paige's personal property being leaked.

"You [Paige] work for that company that is 'PG,' I don't work for that f-ckin' company, anymore. Thank God," El Patron said. "So I'm not 'PG.' Changing the subject, I know it was you, motherf--ker, I know you did this to me, to my baby, but... I'm gonna prove it was you, piece of sh-t."

El Patron went on to once again criticize WWE.

"I used to work in that other place, where I was angry all the time, hated people all the time, because most of the people working in that place, they're a bunch of pu--ies, especially one with the big nose."

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