Source: The Steve Austin Show

Recently on The Steve Austin Show, global icon and national treasure, Steve Austin spoke with three-time ROH World Champion Adam Cole. Among other things, Cole talked about whether he would prefer signing with WWE or Impact Wrestling, whether he would be willing to go to NXT, his future goals, and a possible match against Kenny Omega.

When asked whether he would prefer signing with WWE or the newly rebranded Impact Wrestling, Cole admitted that he would like to work for WWE at some point in his career, as he got into pro wrestling because of WWE.  

"Well, obviously for me, right now, everybody knows I'm contracted to Ring Of Honor and I'm over with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, so I'm really happy there. But as far as if I had to pick, and this is no knock on TNA, but I've said this before, multiple times. If I were to sit here, Steve, and tell you that I don't want to have a WrestleMania moment someday, I'd be lying to you. I fell in love with pro wrestling because of WWE, so, of course, someday, if I have a chance to go, whatever that timing may be, I think that's something I'd definitely like to do in my career. So yeah, if I had to pick where I'd like to end up, strictly based on what made me a fan of pro wrestling, and where I'd eventually like to end up, it's WWE for me."

Cole said that, hypothetically, he would like to go to NXT before WWE as an "ideal scenario" because it looks fun and the master of the Panama Sunrise wants to learn the WWE system. Cole noted that he would not want to stay with NXT for his entire pro wrestling career though.

"Yeah, hypothetically, if I were to go to WWE, I would like to go to NXT first, the reason being is I think, first of all, that entire system looks like a blast to me, the fans, the entire adjusting to that style, that product, continuing to find myself in the actual WWE system, and I think on top of that, the comfortability of starting in a place like NXT and potentially succeeding in a place like NXT would give me a lot of confidence if I were to go to RAW or SmackDown. I think the perfect idea, obviously, NXT is not the place I'd want to be my entire career. I'd of course want to get on the main roster, but the idea of starting in NXT, developing Adam Cole in WWE NXT, and then, going to a RAW or SmackDown, would be my ideal scenario."

With respect to future goals, Cole claimed that he is happier now that he is focusing on things a day at a time. Cole stated that his goal is to be the best that he can be and enjoy a long career.

"For me, I've noticed that I'm a lot better, and a lot happier, and moving forward a lot more, when I focus on everything almost a day at a time because there is a lot for me in pro wrestling that I can't control. There's a lot I can't control, but there's a ton I can't control, so if I focus too much on where I'm going to end up or who I'm going to be working for, I feel like I'll lose sight on what I should be focusing on and that's how I can be a better worker, what I can do to make my game better, and step my game up and stuff like that. At the end of the day, my end goals is if I can make a living, a good living, as a pro wrestler, and for many more years to come, I will have accomplished my dream."

On a possible battle of the 'Biz Cliz' bosses, Cole said the match will happen pretty soon, if it is up to Cole and Omega.

"Yeah, that [has] been quite the talked about match lately. Yeah, I definitely think we're at a point now, myself and Kenny, there has been quite a lot of tension both in New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Ring Of Honor and on the Young Bucks' YouTube channel, being The Elite, to where everyone questions 'who is the leader of The Bullet Club?'. Is it myself? Is it Kenny Omega? To me, it's two alpha males who butt heads and we don't see eye-to-eye all the time, so I certainly think if it's going to be up to me and if it's up to Kenny Omega, sometime probably in the very near future, you're going to see Adam Cole versus Kenny Omega."

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