Yesterday we asked, what moves you want to see happen in the upcoming WWE Superstar Shakeup. With almost 400 comments, here were some of the trending thoughts:

1) To Raw - Not going to lie, there were a lot of ideas flying in the comments, but here's who I caught going to Raw. Dean Ambrose, might be a good way to freshen up his character, plus a number of people mentioned they wouldn't mind The Shield hovering around each other on the same show. Luke Harper (to get away from the Wyatt Family connection), Alexa Bliss (mainly to counter if Charlotte leaves), American Alpha, and AJ Styles. Not everyone was thrilled with Styles leaving SmackDown though, saw plenty saying they rather him stay. Also, many people against The Club reformation with Styles.

2) To SmackDown - Charlotte was mentioned, numerous new feuds for her over there. Rusev and Lana could be a lot of fun with Daniel Bryan (although leaving Kurt Angle's show isn't so great), possibly more opportunities on the blue brand, which may also benefit Braun Strowman. New Day could use a change, Sami Zayn was mentioned a lot as an obvious choice, it's kind of built into his storyline and Bo Dallas, because why not put him with his brother?

3) Random Thoughts - Not going to get into the details of why these would or wouldn't work, but just some comments I saw included: move Cruiserweights to SmackDown, move Tag Division to Raw and Women's Division to SmackDown, Reigns stays at Raw (although, not unanimous), and shakeup the writers of both shows.

Thanks to everyone who responded, we'll see what happens tomorrow night! For now, here are some of the top comments:

"Luke Harper to RAW so he can get away from the Wyatt Family attachment. Rusev to SmackDown so he can interact with Daniel Bryan on Talking Smack."

Deadman Retiring:
"Please no Gallows and Anderson with AJ. He doesn't need them. They will only hold him back and make it seem like AJ needs help, and can't get things done on his own. Better off if they join up with Balor, he's a guy that looks like he needs help anyways."

Sarcastic Mr. Fox:
"The Club to SmackDown
American Alpha to Raw
Bo Dallas to TNA"

Wuking-respek the (SC)(Awoooo):
"Rusev, Lana and Strowman should move to SmackDown. They will get a lot more opportunities there."

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