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Jim Ross posted on his blog at Here are some highlights:

The upcoming WWE Superstar Shakeup:

"I'd like to see Luke Harper move to RAW and get a chance to contribute in a more significant way. He's skilled, motivated/hungry and can have an effective wrestling match with anyone on the roster. Just believe that there is something there with Harper. Curious to see how the tag teams shake out as well as WWE has done a nice job of restocking their tag team shelves and the reshuffling of the deck might present some compelling matchups that many of us haven't thought of at this time. Will Miz/Maryse move to RAW as if they seem to be 'this close' to moving up yet another level on any show that they appear. The Miz has worked hard to get better in the ring and he's succeeded plus adding his lovely wife Maryse to the equation has worked well in my view. Every WWE talent should consider looking at this 'Shakeup' as the opportunity to hit the reset button in virtually all phases of their professional life. The smarter talents will do something to improve their game daily. Something. Daily."

Next WWE assignment:

"Getting lots of questions as to what my next assignment will be in WWE. Those assignments are still being determined but I'd assume that the game plan will be rolled out sooner than later. WWE has been very kind to welcome me back so warmly and for also giving me some time to handle personal affairs in light of my wife Jan's passing. I have no preference on what I do for WWE as I was pleased to simply be presented a 'game jersey' and to get back on the 'team.' In my younger days when P&V (piss and vinegar) ran wild in my veins along with a healthy ego, I likely would not be so kind and gentle in this assessment. I'm comfortable with my body of work and any assignment I get broadcasting for WWE will be one that I will be try and be better at than I was the last time fans heard my work. That's how I try to operate, be better this time than I was the last time."

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