Renee Young and SmackDown Live GM Daniel Bryan welcome us to this week's Talking Smack. Shane McMahon is with us this week, and we talk about the Superstar Shakeup. Daniel says he knows Renee isn't happy about losing Dean Ambrose, and that things are a lot more peaceful without The Miz and Maryse.

Dolph Ziggler joins us and Renee asks about the apple he has in his hands. He wants to know what Renee has on her fingers, joking that Dean Ambrose is on RAW at his personal request. Renee asks him about his impressions of the Shakeup, and he said he's upset that he doesn't get to hate Miz and Maryse now that they're on Raw. He says he just learned Shinsuke Nakamura's name. Dolph doesn't know much about the former NXT Champion because he only follows they main roster. Shane sells Nakamura's "rookie status," and Ziggler says everything is building to a big match between he and Shinsuke. Daniel starts talking about becoming a father and both he and Shane show off their shoes. Ziggler thanks Renee and the table for having him, and says he expects to main event with Shinsuke in the near future.

Daniel Bryan shares a story about how he, Shinsuke, and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida shared a 2 bedroom apartment in Santa Monica back around 2002. He says that he could see Nakamura's intensity while he was training for MMA. Bryan goes on to share a story about how he had Nakamura try a doughnut only for him to say it was "too sweet." Shane once again puts over Nakamura's rock star status.

The hosts go on to talk about the state of the SmackDown Women's Division, and Shane gives Daniel credit for landing Charlotte on the Blue Brand. Daniel is looking forward to the new matchups and Renee tells us it's great to have Tamina back after being out of action for so long.

Our next guest Jinder Mahal joins us and he says he has the best physique and that he is the most improved wrestler in the WWE. He says he would have won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and would have won tonight as well if not for New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski. Jinder asks why Gronk isn't banned from ringside and we go to footage of WrestleMania 33. Shane says Jinder clearly provoked Gronkowski. Jinder says Gronk cost him a fresh start. Shane says that while he could ban the New England Patriots superstar, it is Mahal causing his own problems. Shane puts over Mahal's physique and Mahal tells Bryan he doesn't have any cheat days. He wants a championship and talks about realizing his potential, and doesn't care if he has to go through Mojo, AJ Styles, or Kevin Owens. Renee thanks him for coming and Daniel Bryan sides with Jinder because he's still bitter about the Seahawks Super Bowl loss to the Patriots.

Renee puts over Jinder's physique but says Mojo Rawley has the momentum after a couple of big wins. Daniel Bryan talks about Mojo's 60" vertical leap and how impressive his leap over the barricade tonight looked after his win vs. Mahal. All three hosts talk about how impressive the tag team title match between the Usos and American Alpha was tonight, and Daniel hopes that the Usos use their personality to demand more attention for the Smackdown Tag Team Division.

Kevin Owens walks in and tosses his shoes on the table. Daniel isn't too thrilled about how they're made of leather. Owens says congratulations about something towards Renee, and the hosts quickly change the subject to congratulating him for joining SmackDown Live. Shane asks how it felt to come out and feel the reaction and Owens doesn't care. He enjoys being on SmackDown Live but is upset that Sami Zayn is here too. Owens wants to know why he wasn't drafted to SmackDown in the first place, and Shane said he didn't like his attitude. Kevin says his attitude hasn't changed much and wonders if he's only here because he has the U.S. title. He doesn't believe in the "land of opportunities" moniker, and says the chances are given to the people that Shane and Bryan like. He'll make his own opportunities and will turn this place into 'KO Country.'

Renee reminds Owens about his title match with Chris Jericho at Payback, and wonders if he's looking past Y2J towards new number 1 contender AJ Styles. KO says he'll beat Styles just like he did before the brand extension, and that he is the Face of America. He forces a YES! chant from Bryan and says he doesn't care about Renee's opinion. Shane hands KO his shoe and Owens wishes Daniel luck with his new baby. KO reminds us he has kids, and that he wasn't drafted to SmackDown to provide for them. He leaves with tension in the room, and our hosts sign us off for this week!

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